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Generation 1

Gerneber b. c1025

Generation 2

Gamel b. c1050

Generation 3

Ulf b. c1075

Generation 4

Essulf c110-aft 1189

Generation 5

Children of Essulf (s/o Ulf)

Elias Thornhill
Jordan Thornhill 1124-1195 m. c1148 Ethelrida ??? 1125-1174
Richard Tong b. 1125
Thomas Thornhill aft 1165-1190
John Thornhill bef 1168 - aft 1185 m. Maud ???

Generation 6

Child of John Thornhill & Maud ???


Children of Jordan Thornhill & Ethelrida ???

Elias m. 1174 Astrid
Richard 1150-1208 m. c1178 Alice ??? 1154-1204
Wiliam b. 1160
Jordan 1175 - aft 1212 m. Quenilda ???

Child of Thomas Thornhill (s/o Essulf)

William m. Agnes ???

Generation 7

Child of Elias Thornhill & Astrid ???

Elias b. c1180

Children of Richard Thornhill & Alice ???
John, Sir 1180-1249 m. c1226 Olivia de la Mare c1193-c1240
Eve b. 1200 Thornhill, Yorkshire, Eng m. bef 1227 Robert de Lalanda
William b. 1200

Children of William Thornhill & Agnes ???


Generation 8

Children of Sir John Thornhill & Olivia de la Mare


Richard Thornhill, Sir b. 1228 Thornhill, Yorks, Eng d. 1287 m.1. Margaret ??? m.2. c1258 Thornhill, Yorks Co, Eng to Matilda de Fixby b. c1240 Thornhill, Yorks, Eng

John b. c1230 See Stanton, Eng

Simon c1232-1270

Generation 9

Children of Sir Richard Thornhill & Matilda de Fixby

John, Sir b. 1260 Thornhill, Yorks, Eng d. 1322 Austria-Hungary m. 1310 Thornhill, Yorks, Eng to Beatrice Talboner b. c1270 Thornhill, Yorks, Eng d. aft 1327 Austria-Hungary

Cecily b. c1281 m.1. John de Methley s/o William de Methely & Elena or Agnes ??? m.2. 1301 Thornhill, Yorks, Eng to Henry de Methley

Theobolt b. 1285 Thornhill, Yorks, Eng

Brian b. 1287 Thornhill, Yorks, Eng

Generation 10

Children of Sir John Thornhill & Beatrice Talboner

Sir Brian b. 1298 Thornhill, Yorks, Eng d. 1369 Austria-Hungary m. Joan Fitz William b. c131 Sprotsborough, York, Eng

Agnes b. 1302 Fixby, Eng

Brian b. 1308 Thornhill, Yorks, Eng

Richard b. 1311 Thornhill, Yorks, Eng

Cecily b. 1313 Thornhill, Yorks, Eng m. Henry de Methley

Thomas b. 1317 Thornhill, Yorks, Eng

Child of Theobold Thornhill (s/o Sir Richard Thornhill & Matilda de Fixby)

Thomas b. 1312 Thornbill, Yorks, Eng d. 1339 m. Margaret Lacy b. Cromwell Notts, Eng

Generation 11

Children of Sir Brian Thornhill & Joan Fitz William

Simon b. 1336 Thornhill, Yorks, Eng d. 1369 m. Isabel Eland

Thomas b. 1338 Thornhill, Yorks, Eng

Elizabeth b. 1340 Thornhill, Yorks, Eng m. c1335 Henry De Musters b. c1315 Kirlington, Eng d. c1349 Austria-Hungary

Joan b. 1342 Thornhill, Yorks, Eng

Margaret b. 1344 Thornhill, Yorks, Eng

Child of Thomas Thornhill & Margaret Lacy

Richard b. 1340 Thornhill, Yorks, Eng d. 1418 m. Margaret Toothill b. c1364 Toothill, Yorks, Eng

Generation 12

Child of Richard Thornhill & Margaret Toothill

William 1386 - 1/30/1417-18 m. Joan de Catton

Child of Simon Thornhill & Isabel Eland

Elizabeth b. 1350 Thornhill, Yorks, Eng m. Sir Henry Savile

Generation 13

Child of William Thornhill & Joan de Catton

Bryan b. 1418 Fixby, Eng d. 1484 m. 1446 Fixby, Eng to Barbara Hapton b. c1422 Swillington, Yorks, Eng

Generation 14

Children of Bryan Thornhill & Barbara Hapton

William b. 1444 Fixby, Eng d. 1500 m. c1474 Elizabeth Mirfield b. c1448 Mirfield, Yorks, Eng

Diones b. 1446 Fixby, Eng

Generation 15

Child of William Thornhill & Elizabeth Mirfield

John b. 1476 Fixby, Eng d. 3/31/1529 Elland, Eng m. Jenet Savile b. c1480 Hulmedge, Yks, Eng d. aft 1567

Generation 16

Children of John Thornhill & Jenet Savile

John b. 1502 Fixby, Eng d. 1567 m. c1526 Elizabth Grice b. Coyhill, Eng d. 3/10/1582-83 Elland, Eng

Richard 1504-aft 1567

Bryan 1506-aft 1567

Alice b. 1508

Ellen b. 1510

Angius b. 1510 m. Thomas Clayton b. c1540 Clayton, Lancs, Eng d. 1585

Thomas b. 1514 Brirhouse, Eng d. aft 1567

Generation 17

Children of John Thornhill & Elizabeth Grice

Bryan 1528 - aft 1567 m. 1587 Elland to ???

John b. 1530 Fixby, Eng d. aft 1567

Nicholas 1532 - aft 1567

Richard b. 1534 Fixby, Eng d. 2/27/1593-94 Elland, Eng m. 10/22/1586 York Holy Tirinity, Goodramgate, Eng to Elizabeth Ward

William b. 1536 Fixby, Eng d. aft 1567

Elizabeth b. 1538
Cecily 1540 - aft 1567
Isabella b. 1542 Fixby, Eng m. Jun 1560 Elland, Eng to Roger Rayne d. aft 1567

Ann b. 1544 Fixby, Eng d. aft 1567

Catherine 1548 - aft 1567

Generation 18

Child of John Thornhill (s/o John Thornhill & Elizabeth Grice)

Sara b. c1570 m. c1593 Richard Tankersley b. 1570 Eng

Children of Richard Thornhill & Elizabeth Ward

William b. 10/6/1588

Thomas b. 10/4/1589 Elland, Eng m. 11/20/1626 Kinston Upon Hull, Eng to Anne Browne b. Kinston Upon Hull, Eng

Elizabeth b. 11/17/1591 Goodramgate, York, Eng

Francis b. 12/10/1592 York Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, Eng

Katheren b. 1/15/1594-95 Goodramgate, York, Eng

William b. 1/7/1595-96 Goodramgate, York, Eng

Jaine b. Dec 1598 York Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, Eng

Elizabeth b. Nov 1600 York Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, Eng

Generation 19

Children of Francis Thornhill (s/o Richard Thornhill & Elizabeth Ward)

Joseph b. Nov 1625 Lythe, Eng
Elizabeth b. 2/12/1626-27 Lythe, Eng
Ann b. Sep 1632 Lythe, Eng
Mary b. Feb 1632-33 Lythe, Eng
Dorothie b. Aug 1637 Lythe, Eng
Ann b. Dec 1640 Lythe, Eng
Francis b. Apr 1643 Lythe, Eng
Charles b. Aug 1646 Lythe, Eng

Child of Thomas Thornhill & Anne Browne

Thomas b. 9/29/1629 Elland, Eng d. 5/2/1697 m. c1659 Hemsworth Nr Wakefield, Eng to Clara Farr d. 3/9/1719-20

Generation 20

Children of Thomas Thornhill & Clara Farr

Edward b. 6/28/1669 Hemsworth, Eng d. 11/17/1738 m. 1. Katherine Armroy 2. 11/10/1695 Darfield, Yorks, Eng to Ester Kirby

Mary b. 4/16/1672 Hemsworth, Eng

Dorothy b. 9/16/1677 Hemsworth, Eng

Stephen b. 11/2/1680 Hemsworth, Eng

John b. 4/5/1685 Hemsworth, Eng

Elizabeth b. 7/11/1688 Hemsworth, Eng

Robert b. 3/27/1691 Hemsworth, Eng

Generation 21

Children of Edward Thornhill & Katherine Armroy

Thomas b. c1710 Darfield, Yorks, Eng
Joseph b. c1712
William b. c1714
Benjamin b. c1716

Children of Edward Thornhill & Ester Kirby

Edward b. 8/25/1696 Darfield, Yorks Co, Eng
John b. 1699
Richard b. 1701
Samuel b. 3/26/1704 Darfield, Yorks Co, Eng
Mary b. 1707

Generation 22

Child of Thomas Thornhill (s/o Edward Thornhill & Katherine Armroyd)

Thomas II b. c1730 Fixby, Yorshire, Eng d. 1782 Buckingham Co, VA m. SC to Elizabeth Walker d/o David Walker & Mary Munford

Generation 23

Children of Thomas Thornhill II & Elizabeth Walker

Absolem b. 1755 Buckingham Co, VA d. 1834
William b. c1757 Buckingham Co, VA d. c1804 m.1. 1785 SC to Lydia Breland m.2. Elizabeth Lee b. Buckingham Co, VA
Amanda Nancy b. 1760 Buckingham Co, VA
Jesse b. 10/13/1763 Buckingham Co, VA d. 6/5/1837 Buckingham Co, VA m. Elizabeth Stevens
Elizabeth b. Buckingham Co, VA

Generation 24

Children of William Thornhill & Lydia Breland

Elisha b. c6/10/1799 Winton Dist, SC d. 3/26/1859 MS m. Mary Carr b. 8/9/1801 SC d. 1/23/1894
Milly A
Jesse b. 1763

Generation 25

Children of Elisha Thornhill & Mary Carr

William B

Hillary B


Isham C b. 11/22/1827 Pike, MS d. 1862 Battle of Shiloh, TN m. 1/6/1852 Pike, MS to Laurania D May b. 10/10/1829 Pike, MS d. 8/10/1871 Marion, MS [Cem] d/o Hiram May & Rebecca Ann Curry

John M


Mary Ann

James W


Milley Ann

Susan Ann

Henry Clay

Adeline M

Generation 26

c/o Isham C Thornhill & Laurania D May

Joseph Wessley b. 10/10/1851 Pike, MS d. 6/12/1940 [Cem] m. Angieline Dunaway 5/8/1850-3/9/1940

James or Robert L b. c1855 Pike, MS

William Louis b. 11/26/1855 or 7/17/1874 Pike Co, MS d. 1/17/1922 Marion Co, MS m. 12/26/1875 Marion Co, MS to Elizabeth Dunaway d/o William Dunaway & Sarah Boyd

Isham W b. 5/7/1861 Pike Co, MS d. 7/4/1924 Morgantown, Marion Co, MS [Cem]

Generation 27

c/o Joseph Wessley Thornhill & Angieline Dunaway

Joseph Ado 6/2/1886-8/13/1973 [Cem]

c/o William Louis Thornhill & Elizabeth Dunaway

James Pascal b. 10/13/1876 Marion, MS d. 7/24/1907
Sarah Rilla Ann b. 2/8/1878 Marion, MS d. 6/3/1942
William Esco b. 11/14/1879 Marion, MS d. 6/15/1956
Duckie Jane b. 1/4/1881 Marion, MS d. 1/8/1949
Andrew Marshall b. 8/10/1884 Marion, MS d. 11/27/1972
Lue Minnie b. 3/10/1886 Marion, MS d. 9/15/1978
Orr Nettie b. 2/29/1888 Marion, MS d. 1/16/1919
Toba Liston b. 5/2/1890 Marion Co, MS d. 2/27/1925 White Bluff, Marion Co, MS [Cem]
Lonnie Elizabeth b. 2/17/1893 Marion, MS d. 10/6/1954
Lettie Catherine b. 1/20/1895 Marion, MS d. 3/31/1968
Bertha Ophelia b. 6/12/1897 Marion Co, MS
Joseph Clyde b. 6/5/1899 Marion, MS d. 1/18/1917
Cleveland Lewis b. 6/5/1899 Marion, MS
Clarence Edward m. Ola Mae Makenzie

Generation 28

Children of Clarence Edward Thornhill & Ola Mae Makenzie

Harold Lloyd
Thomas Ray m. Peggy Ellen Toney d/o Frank Leon Toney & Eddie Marie Brumfield

Generation 29

Children of Thomas Ray Thornhill & Peggy Ellen Toney

Toney Randall
Terrell Ross m. Leah Lynn Till d/o Billy Dwight Till & Edith Lynn Fox
Timothy Ryan
Tammy Rebecca

Generation 30

Children of Terrell Ross Thornhill & Leah Lynn Till

Thomas Andrew
Darrah Ellen
Devan Ward

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