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Legend: [Cen] = Census, [Doc] = Documentation, [Marr] = Marriage Record, [Vet] = Veteran info, [Will] = Will

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Generation 1

Richard Tankersley b. 1570 Eng m. Sarah Thornhill
Henry Tankersley b. 1575

Generation 2

Children of Richard Tankersley & Sarah Thornhill

Alice b. Yorkshire, Eng m. Robert Tyas
Johann m. Hugh Eland
Henry b. c1595 Yorkshire, Eng

Generation 3

Child of Henry (s/o Richard Tankersley & Sarah Thornhill

Reuben Tankersley b. Yorkshire, Eng [Doc] m. Sarah Ann Beverly

Generation 4

George b. c1680 Yorkshire, Eng d. Jul 1758 Hanover Parish, King George Co, VA [WILL] m. 1718 Hanover Parish, King George Co, VA to Mary Long/Longley d. May 1773 Hanover Parish, King George Co, VA [WILL]

Richard b. c1676 Yorkshire, Eng d. 1744 Caroline Co, VA m. 1712 Caroline Co, VA to Margaret Rowland

Generation 5

Children of George Tankersley & Mary Long/Longley

Richard c1736 - 1773 m. 1757 Mary Thornley

Dorcas b.c1720 m. Henry Dixon

Reuben b.c1723 [Doc]

George b. c1726 VA d. 1806 Port Royal, Caroline Co, VA [Doc] m. 1767 Dorothy Roy b. c1753 VA d/o Reuben Roy & Mary Jane Morton

Mary b. c1728 d. c6/3/1784 King George Co, VA [Marr] m. Oct 1759 King George Co, VA to Joseph Murdock b. c1730 d. c1/1/1770 King George Co, VA s/o Jeremiah Murdock & Jane/Jean ???

Sarah b. c1732 m. Thomas McWilliams

John c1740 - 1798

Child of Richard Tankersley & Margaret Rowland

Sarah Margaret b. 1714 Caroline Co, VA d. 1754 Caroline Co, VA m. 1735 Caroline Co, VA to Thomas Peatross

Richard b. 1716 Caroline Co, VA d. 1748 Caroline Co, VA m. 1737 VA to Elizabeth Fountain b. Caroline Co, VA d. Caroline Co, VA

Generation 6

Children of George Tankersley & Dorothy Roy

Ann Fox 12/30/1770 - 1801 m. 1789 Peter Tankersley

Lucy 8/9/1773 - 2/11/1822

Elizabeth F 11/19/1775 - 7/25/1831 m. 3/17/1794 Lancaster, VA to John Hutchins

John Roy b. 5/8/1777 Port Royal, Caroline Co, VA - 1/8/1839 m.1. 9/10/1801 Caroline Co, VA to Mary Ann Polly Tankersley 1772 - 8/8/1815 d/o Richard Tankersley & Mary Thornley m.2. 1816 Sarah Brooks b. 11/23/1791

George 2/3/1779 - 8/16/1824

Mary Jane Morton 3/19/1781 - 7/8/1824

Caroline Matilda 1/4/1784 - 7/8/1811 m. John Lewis

William 12/9/1787 - 3/15/1867 m. Ann Hutchins

Dorothy b. 8/23/1792 m. Mosby Davison

Children of Richard Tankersley & Elizabeth Fountain

Rowland b. 1737 Caroline Co, VA m. 1758 VA to Tabitha Bennett

Richard b. 3/13/1738 Caroline Co, VA d. 1810 Rockbridge Co, VA [Vet] m. 1768 Rockbridge Co, VA to May/Mary Wood d. Rockbridge Co, VA d/o James Wood

George Edward b. 1740 Caroline Co, VA d. 1784 Bedford Co, VA m. Bedford Co, VA to Elizabeth Boldin d. Bedford Co, VA

William b. 1742 Caroline, VA [Vet] m.1. 1764 Martha Barbara Nelson d. c1768 m.2. c1768 Barbary Clubb d. bef 1800 d/o Peter Clubb & Margaretha Keurten

Children of Richard Tankersley & Mary Thornley

John b. 1760 Port Royal Caroline Co, VA d. 3/14/1840 [Vet] [Doc] [Cem] m. 1788 Port Royal, Caroline Co, VA to Frances Moore b. 1765 VA d. 1848 Marshall Co, TN

George 1758 - Oct 1814 [Will] m. Sarah Marshall

Richard b. 1762

Reuben b. 1765

Peter 1768-1830 m1. 1789 Ann Fox Tankersley d/o George Tankersley & Dorothy Roy m.2. 2/9/1802 Chloe Ingram

Mary Ann 1772-8/8/1815 m. 9/10/1801 John Roy Tankersley 5/8/1777 - 1/8/1839 s/o George Tankersley & Dorothy Roy

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