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Legend: [Cen] = Census info, [Doc] = Documentation, [Vet] = Miltary, [Will] = Will,

Generation 1

Francis Parrott b. 1634 Calvert Co, MD d. 1670 Calvert Co, MD [Will] m. 1665-1669 to Sarah Abraham d. aft 2/10/1671-72 [Doc]

Generation 2

Francis Parrott Jr b. 1670 Calvert Co, MD d. 4/4/1713 Chowan, Bertie Co, NC m. 1695 Chowan, Tyrell Co, NC to Frances Johnson b. 2/2/1680-81 Chowan NC d. 4/20/1747 prob. Bertie Co, NC d/o William Johnson & Susannah T Monteigne [Will] [Doc]

Generation 3

Elizabeth b. 1702 Bertie Co, NC d. 1800 Salmon Creek, Bertie Co, NC [Doc] m. c1728 Bertie Co, NC to Lemuel "Lamb" Hardy b. 1695-1700 Salmon Creek Bertie Co, NC d. 1750 Salmon Creek, Bertie Co, NC s/o William Hardy & Edith Batchelor

Susannah b. c1698 d. 1742-1747 NC m. c1721 William Fleetwood s/o Francis Fleetwood d. 6/12/1769 Bertie Co, NC

Jacob b. 5/8/1696 Chowan Precinct, Albemarle Co, NC d. 11/3/1738 Perquimans Co, NC [Will] m. c1719 to Martha Fewox d. 1749 poss Chowan Precinct, Albemarle Co, NC [Doc]

Generation 4

Children of Jacob Parrott & Martha Fewox

John Benjamin Parrott [Doc] b. 1733 Chowan Precinct, Albemarle Co, NC d. 3/1/1791 Dobbs Co, NC m. c1765 to Elizabeth Oxley b. c1740 Bertie Co, NC d. 1820-1830 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC [Cen] d/o John Oxley & Olive ???

Mary Parrott b. 1735 d. 1793-1810 Bertie Co, NC m. bef 1763 George Mewborn 1730 - 1766 s/o Thomas Mewboorn & Eleanor ???

Generation 5

Children of John Benjamin Parrott & Elizabeth Oxley

Jacob Parrott b. 1766 Dobbs Co, NC d. bef 1/4/1821 Darlington Co, SC [Vet] m. c1785 Dobbs Co, NC to Penelope House b. 1765-1775 Dobbs Co, NC d. aft 1820 prob Lenoir Co, NC

John Parrott Jr b. c1768 m. Hannah ???

Benjamin B Parrott b. 3/1/1770 Dobbs Co, NC d. 11/19/1846 Darlington Co, SC [Doc] [Will] m.1. 1793 Dobbs Co, NC to Mary McNeese b. 11/18/1783 Dobbs Co, NC d. c1813 prob Lenior Co, NC m.2. Mar 1815 Lenoir Co, NC to Elizabeth/Nancy Tull d. 1/7/1829 d/o William Tull & Susannah ??? m.2. Feb 1830 Winifred Tull d. 4/10/1864 FL d/o William Tull & Susannah ???

Joshua Parrott c1772-6/16/1798 Lenior Co, NC [Doc]

Amy Parrott c1774-bef 1802

Simon B Parrott b. 11/5/1776 Dobbs Co, NC d. Sep 1860 Darlington Co, SC [Cem] [Doc] [Will] m. c1803 Lenoir Co, NC Bramley Murphrey b. 9/6/1785 NC d. Oct 1861 Darlington Co, SC d/o Jethro Murphrey & Penelope I Ward

Selah Parrott c1770-1842 Johnston Co, NC [Will] m.1. c1791 Simon House d. bef 1817 m.2. Booth Mozingo s/o John & Ann Mozingo

Elizabeth Parrott b. c1780

Generation 6

Children of Benjamin B Parrott & Mary McNeese

Nancy b. 2/7/1795 NC d. 9/30/1828 Darlington Co, SC m. 5/2/1811 Lenior Co, NC to Miller Byrd b. 2/1/1782 NC d.9/20/1844

Mary b. 5/6/1797 NC d. 1797 NC

Benjamin F 4/3/1798-10/20/1858 m. 9/25/1825 Lenoir Co, NC to Harriet Kennedy b. 3/16/1806 Lenoir Co, NC d. 11/7/1868 Lenoir Co, NC d/o Jesse Croom Kennedy & Elizabeth Hardee

James Parrott b. 12/31/1802 Lenior Co, NC d. 10/31/1858 Bethel, Darlington Co, SC [Cem] m. Apsley Parrott 6/18/1807-1/29/1879 Bethel, Darlington Co, SC d/o Joseph James Parrott & Martha Belcher

Lemuel Hardy 5/7/1805-12/23/1880 [Cem] m. 5/4/1830 Elizabeth Tull Parrott 8/18/1810-10/30/1890

Ephraim b. 2/15/1808 NC d. bef 1810 NC

Children of Benjamin Parrott & Elizabeth/Nancy Tull

William John 1/14/1816-8/7/1854 Leon Co, FL m.1. Zilpha Moore m.2. Rebecca Dewitt b. 4/5/1825 Lenoir Co, NC d. 1860 Gadsden Co, FL

Winifred 10/1/1817-1846 m. Charles W Garner 1810-1902

Thomas Pinckney 1819-1825

Susan Matilda 4/12/1822-5/4/1889 m.1. 5/7/1840 Willis Parrott m.2. 3/12/1854 William Wylie Bell

Harriet Elizabeth 3/5/1824-10/14/1905 Shawnee, OK [Cem] [Doc] m. David Gregg Wood b. 5/12/1826 prob SC d. Shawnee, OK


Children of Jacob Parrott & Penelope House

Joseph James b. 1786 Dobbs Co, NC d. 4/2/1841 Darlington Co, SC [Cem] m. c1805 poss Edgecombe Co, NC to Martha Belcher b. Edgecombe Co, NC d/o Beverly Belcher

Elizabeth b. 1784-1790 Dobbs Co, NC d. 1/4/1814 m. John McNeese b. 3/28/1787 s/o John McNeese & Mary ???

Lulane "Laney" b. 1784-1790 Dobbs Co, NC d. 1837-1839 Darlington Co, SC m. c1814 poss Darlington Co, SC to James Skinner b. 1791-1793 Darlington Co, SC d. Sep 1859 Henry Co, AL

Jacob Jr b. 12/5/1791 Lenoir Co, NC d. 2/21/1856 Lenoir Co, NC m. c1814 Lenoir Co, NC to Persis Arendell b. 3/4/1793 Lenoir Co, NC d. 11/22/1852 Lenoir Co, NC d/o William Arendell

Charlotte b. 8/1/1797 Lenoir Co, NC d. 4/18/1854 Bishopsville, Lee Co, SC [Cem] m. 9/26/1816 Darlington Co, SC to Wiley Kelley b. 3/29/1795 Darlington Co, SC d. 12/25/1873 Bishopsville, Lee Co, SC

Louisa b. 1804-1810 Lenoir Co, NC d. 1833 Perry Houston Co, GA [Cem] m. 2/25/1822 Darlington Co, SC to John Bell Newton Killen b. 2/29/1788 Baltimore Co, MD d. 6/6/1871 Perry, Houston Co, GA m.2. ??? Skinner

Child of John Parrott Jr & Hannah ???

Deborah Parrott b. c1796 Lenoir Co, NC d. 9/4/1828 Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m.1. c1806 Lenoir Co, NC to Hardy Mewborn b. 4/27/1789 Dobbs Co, NC d. bef 1816 Lenoir Co, NC s/o Parrott Mewborn & Lydia Hardy m.2. 11/27/1821 Lenoir Co, NC to Levi Mewborn b. 9/9/1793 Lenoir Co, NC d. 10/28/1855 Lenoir Co, NC s/o Parrott Mewborn & Lydia Hardy

Children of Simon B Parrott & Bramley Murphrey

John Miller 6/14/1804-12/14/1839 m. Rebecca A Isler b. 8/30/1811 NC d. 12/13/1841 Darlington Co, SC

Elizabeth M b. 1/21/1806 d. TX m. John McNeese b. 3/28/1787 s/o John McNeese & Mary ???

Mary Polly b. 10/10/1808 Lenoir Co, NC d. 4/10/1842 Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m. Lenoir Co, NC to James Arendell Hodges b. 4/12/1808 Lenoir Co, NC d. 4/9/1859 Lenoir Co, NC s/o Edward hodges & Catherine Arendell

Oliver b. 7/14/1811 Lenoir Co, NC d. 2/18/1896 Darlington Co, NC [Cem] m. 10/12/1832 Sarah Kennedy b. Lenoir Co, NC d. 7/8/1891 Darlington Co, SC d/o Jesse Kennedy & Elizabeth Hardee

Simon 10/3/1813-9/8/1814

Penelope b. 11/10/1814 SC d. 12/3/1908 Darlington Co, SC m.1. 1832 Blaney Harper McNeese b. 8/25/1813 NC d. 4/7/1855 Darlington Co, SC m.2. 11/25/1858 James Howle 8/25/1799-1914

Louisa 6/15/1815-3/9/1895

Julia Ann b. 6/26/1820 d. 11/20/1820

Jesse Willis b. 2/6/1822 d. 3/10/1912 m.1. 11/26/1846 Barbara Flinn 2/20/1822-10/30/1863 m.2. Mary Haliburton 1837-1873

Generation 7

Children of Benjamin F Parrott Jr & Harriett Kennedy

Sarah C m. James B Peacock
James K 11/9/1836-3/26/1917 m. Mary Garner
Benjamin F III
Joseph P
Absoly m. Alexander Wilson
Elizabeth b. 11/1/1830 Lenoir Co, NC d. 9/25/1865 Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m. 12/23/1846 Lenoir Co, NC to Samuel William Scarborough 11/15/1824-May 1905 s/o John Pope Scarborough & Rachel Harper

Children of Jacob Parrott Jr & Persis Arendell

Benjamin Franklin 1812-4/13/1841 Lenoir Co, NC m.1. Nancy Mewborn b. 9/8/1813 Lenoir Co, NC d. 4/1/1881 d/o Hardy Mewborn & Deborah Parrott m.2. Nancy Sutton or Martha May d/o Benjamin May & Mary Ann Williams

James Marion b. 1824 Lenoir Co, NC d. 1877 Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m. Elizabeth Waters 1832-1862 Lenoir Co, NC

John Arendel b. 2/23/1822 Lenoir Co, NC d. 3/13/1871 Lenoir Co, NC m. 5/13/1845 Elizabeth Eliza Ann Bright b. 7/6/1828 NC d. 5/28/1909 d/o Simon Bright IV & Rachel Dawson

Charlotte Elizabeth 6/22/1815-6/9/1879 Lenoir Co, NC m. 1834 James Madison Harper 1809-11/6/1858 Lenoir Co, NC s/o Blaney Robert Harper & Mary Polly Hood

Susannah/Susan Matilda 9/6/1811-8/4/1893 Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m. c1829 Lenoir Co, NC to Levi Mewborn b. 9/9/1793 Lenior Co, NC d. 10/28/1855 Lenior Co, NC s/o Parrott Mewborn & Lydia Hardy

Persis Arendell b. 12/3/1819 Lenoir Co, NC d. 3/16/1857 Kinston, NC m.1. c1851 Lenoir Co, to Pinckney Coatsworth Hardee b. 9/8/1801 Lenoir Co, NC d. 2/3/1873 Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] s/o William Hardee m.2. 4/28/1841 Lenoir Co, NC to William C Jones d. 1/19/1849 Lenoir Co, NC s/o Jesse Jones & Elizabeth Croom

Mary L d. 8/29/1856 [Cem] m. James L Murphy d. 2/6/1881 s/o G S Murphy

Jacob W d. 1844 Darlington Co, SC m. Julia Ann McNeese d/o John McNeese & Elizabeth M Parrott

Henrietta d. 1854 m. George Joyner

Children of James Lamb Parrott & Apsley Parrott

Benjamin Furman m. Matilda Wallace

Jacob Lemuel 7/31/1833-4/28/1908 [Cem] m. Mary Elizabeth Barrett

John Perry

Alonzo W

Joseph N W


Geroge Washington


James M

Child of Jesse Willis Parrott & Mary Halliburton

Barbara b. SC m. 7/11/1894 Edward Marion Hodges b. 7/15/1854 Lenoir Co, NC d. 2/16/1913 s/o Simon Edward Hodges & Nancy Turnage

Children of John Miller Parrott & Rebecca A Isler

Simon Franklin b. 11/10/1833 Darlington Dist, SC d. 2/24/1896 [Doc] m. 1/7/1858 Esther Francena Byrd

John F I 10/9/1835-10/15/1888 m. Mary A Lucas 8/20/1843-7/23/1908 Darlington Co, SC

Harriett Elisabeth 3/23/1839-2/1/1915 m. Jacob O Miller b. 12/22/1869 TN d. 9/17/1872

Child of Joseph James Parrott & Martha Belcher

Apsley b. 6/18/1807 Bethel, Darlington Co, SC d. 1/29/1879 Darlington Co, SC [Cem] m. James Lamb Parrott b. 12/31/1802 Bethel, Darlington Co, SC d. 1858 s/o Benjamin Parrott & Mary McNeese

Hardy Mewborn b. 6/3/1816 Craven Co, NC d. 10/8/1876 Darlington Co, NC [Cem] m. 3/31/1844 Elizabeth Kathleen Wilson 7/22/1826-1/26/1908

Mary b. 3/4/1806

Penelope b. 9/7/1808

Everett Belcher b. 1/13/1810

Thomas b. 9/26/1811

Willis 9/7/1814-c1850 m. 5/7/1840 Susan Matilda Parrott 4/12/1822-5/4/1889 d/o Benjamin B Parrott & Elizabeth/Nancy Tull

Robert West b. 10/7/1820

Joseph Beverly b. 10/7/1820

Lulaine b. 6/17/1822

Child of Oliver Parrott & Sarah Kennedy

Jesse Kennedy 4/14/1838-9/2/1921 [Cem] m. 12/15/1865 Martha Ellen Bishop 10/3/1845-7/30/1906

Thomas Hawdee

Simon Oliver

William James


Jesse Willis



Generation 8

Children of Benjamin F Parrott & Matilda Wallace

John Pressley b. 10/12/1855 Darlington Co, SC d. 6/21/1913 Darlington Co, SC [Doc] m.1. 12/7/1877 Lizzie McGahgey b. Portadown, Almagh Co, Ireland m.2. Catherine Elizabeth Miller

Jas Barney

Warley Lawrence

George Furman

Children of Benjamin Franklin Parrott & Nancy Mewborn

Harriett 3/31/1831-9/24/1875 Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m. 1858 James Thadeus Askew 1831-12/25/1902 Lenoir Co, NC

Sally E b. c1836 Lenoir Co, NC d. 2/17/1885 Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m. 4/6/1859 Lenoir Co, NC to Lemuel Joseph Mewborn b. 9/8/1832 Lenoir Co, NC d. 10/27/1891 Lenoir Co, NC s/o Levi Mewborne & Susannah/Susan Matilda Parrott

Benjamin Franklin Jr b. 3/31/1868 Lenoir Co, NC d. 10/9/1901 Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m. 10/12/1858 Martha May 9/19/1842-3/5/1925 d/o Benjmain May III & Mary Ann William

Child of Jacob Lemuel Parrott & Mary Elizabeth Barrett

William Gordon b. 4/5/1884 Bishopville, SC d. 4/1/1935 Sumter, SC [Cem] m. 12/26/1907 Bishopville, SC to Mary Ethel McLeod

Lula Adeline Apsley

James Aeneas

Perry McCollom

Carrie May

Luther Lemuel


Jacob Lemuel Jr

Rozella Marie Parrott

Children of Jacob W Parrott & Julia Ann McNeese

Elizabeth Charlotte Eliza 10/18/1840 Darlington Co, SC d. 10/29/1907 Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m. Lenoir Co, NC to Levi Arendall Mewborne b. 3/8/1843 Lenoir Co, NC d. 5/13/1902 Lenoir Co, NC s/o Levi Mewborne & Susannah/Susan Matilda Parrott

Children of Jesse Kennedy Parrott & Martha Ellen Bishop

Robert Hart m. Maude ???
John Gordon [Cem]
Wade Hampton [Cem]
Jesse Kennedy Jr [Cem] m. 6/26/1912 Margaret Catherine McCall
Ellen Virginia
Oliver Harold m.1. Johnsie G Bowersett m.2. ???
Leila m. Thomas P McKellar
Sarah Adeline m. Charles B Gardner
Nelle m. ??? Seabrooke
Pierpont Bishop m. Gertrude Simpson
Claude C m. Grace Grimball

Children of John Arendel Parrott & Elizabeth Eliza Ann Bright

Jacob F b. 1846 m. Catherine Jackson Moore

Henry Clay 1850-1912 m. Hulda Dibble 1850-1912

Mary Bright b. 2/2/1856 Lenoir Co, NC d. 1/7/1910 m. 10/6/1874 Kinston, NC to Levi Jacob Jake Moore b. 1/28/1851 Mewborn Crosswroads, NC d. 10/6/1874 Kinston, NC s/o Jessi J Moore & Deborah Mewborn

Eliza Ann b. 1860 NC m. Jesse Jackson

Florence I M b. 1858 NC d. 1882

Blanche Mildred Simon b. 1864 ND d. 1881

John Evans b. 1863 NC d. 1898

Rachel Susan b. 4/5/1848 NC d. 11/16/1915 NC m. 4/25/1871 Victor Emanuel Weyler b. 9/11/1847 Austria d. 7/2/1930 NC

Henrietta E b. 7/24/1854 Kinston, NC d. 12/14/1942 Mt Olive, NC m. 10/14/1849 Robert Kornegay b. 10/14/1849 Mt Olive, NC d. 5/8/1921

Children of Simon Franklin Parrott & Esther Francena Byrd

William Albert
Walter Johnson
Eugenia m. Wesley G Dickson
Edgar Miller
Lauren Isler
Elma Rebecca m.1. James H Mason m.2. Homer Bowman
Alice m. Harry Hills
Simon Franklin
Herbert Carlisle
Junius Law
Ethel Gray m. Thomas P Rutledge

Generation 9

c/o Benjamin Franklin Parrott Jr & Martha May

James Franklin b. 12/24/1866 Lenoir Co, NC d. 10/24/1946 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m. 9/25/1901 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC to Mattie Wanita Kennedy 10/10/1881 Lenoir Co, NC d. 7/30/1965 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC d/o Alpheus J Kennedy & Sarah Helen Roundtree

Emma Johnson b. 9/3/1869 Mewborn's Crossroads, Lenoir Co, NC d. 2/28/1955 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m. 3/8/1888 Hebron Church, Lenoir Co, NC to Robert Alexander Wooten

Pattie May b. 5/7/1874 Lenoir Co, NC d. 6/16/1959 Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m. 12/25/1900 Lenoir Co, NC to James Marion Mewborn b. 3/22/1848 Lenoir Co, NC d. 10/28/1924 Lenoir Co, NC s/o Levi Mewborn & Susannah/Susan Matilda Parrott

c/o Jesse Kennedy Parrott Jr & Margaret Catherine McCall

Jessie Beatrice [Cem] m. ??? Byrd
Juanita m. David L Tompkins

c/o John Pressley Parrott & Lizzie McGahgey

Roland Milton b. 7/18/1879 Dove, SC d. 7/3/1932-33 m. 11/1/1901 Columbia, SC to Maude Ami Starr b. 10/11/1882 Elko, SC

Mary Lizzie b. 12/25/1858 m. 12/24/1902 Samuel Bunion Taylor

Marie Louise 5/1/1881-2/2/1884

Lula Lorraine b. 3/9/1883 m. SEp 1901 Thomas House Rhinehart

Kattie b. 7/5/1861

Child of William Gordon Parrott & Mary Ethel McLeod

William Gordon Jr 1/23/1909-3/23/1989 Summerville, Dorchester Co, SC [Cem] m. 9/26/1934 Cleveland, Bradley Co, TN to Mary Carolyn Arnold

Generation 10

c/o James Franklin Parrott & Mattie Wanita Kennedy

Helen Roundtree b. 1/6/1903 Lenoir Co, NC d. 4/17/2000 Cary, Wake Co, NC [Cem] m. 2/26/1929 John Yancy London

James Franklin b. 10/8/1908 Lenoir Co, NC d. 10/24/1969 Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC [Cem] m. Mary Ruth Turner 2/2/1914-1/8/1989

c/o Roland Milton Parrott & Maude Ami Starr

Marie Starr b. 8/5/1902 m. 2/19/1920 Arthur Lee Thomas
Emma Elizabeth m. Roy L Brantley
Roland Milton Jr m. Betty Elizabeth Baccus
Frederick Wallace 2/21/1920-7/18/1992 m. 7/21/1940 Mildred Jeanette Sutton d/o Carrie Hughes

c/o William Gordon Parrott Jr & Mary Carolyn Arnold

William Gordon III b. 3/28/1938 Chattanooga, TN d. 12/10/2010 [Cem] m. Mary Ann Dunbar

Generation 11

Children of Frederick Wallace Parrott & Mildred Jeanette Sutton

Frederick Wallace Jr m. Vicky Ruth Trublood
Kenneth Edmond m. Cheryl Miller

Child of William Gordon Parrott III & Mary Ann Dunbar

William Gordon IV m. Amy Murphy Hinnant

Generation 12

Child of Frederick Wallace Parrott Jr & Vicky Ruth Trublood

Shanna Lynn

Children of Kenneth Edmond Parrott & Cheryl Miller


Child of William Gordon IV & Amy Murphy Hinnant

William Gordon V
Elaina Murphy

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