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Generations 1-6

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This line is constantly being researched and changes are hoped for as new documentation is found. If you have any corrections or additions to make to this family please let me know

This page updated: 11/11/2005

Legend: [Cem] = Cemetery, [Cen] = Census Info, [Doc] = Documentation, [Will] = Will

Generation 1

Possibly William Batchelor [Doc]

Generation 2

Richard Batchelor b. c1643 poss. Buckinghamshire, Eng d. Sep 1682 [Will] [Doc] So. Br. Elizabeth River, Norfolk Co., VA m. c1664 Lower Norfolk Co, VA to Ann Biggs b. 1644-1647 Eng d. aft Oct 1712 Scuppernong, Chowan/Tyrell Co., NC daug of John Biggs and Johannah Norsworthy or Sawyer

Generation 3

Elizabeth b. c1657

Jane b. c1659

Jabez b. c1662

Dorothy b. c1665

John b. bef 1660 Lower Norfolk Co, VA d. 1/3/1720 Middlesex Co, VA m. Sarah Deane d. bef 5/16/1720 d/o George Deane Jr

Phoebe b. c1665

Edward b. bef 1660 Lower Norfolk Co, VA [Doc] d. 9/21/1706 Tyrrell Co, NC m. 1683-1699 Pathelia ???

Richard Jr b. bef 1660 m. Katherine ???

Alice b. bef 1660 m. James Wilson

Edith b. bef 1660 d. c1750 Salmon Creek, Bertie Co, NC m.bef 1714 Scuppernong, NC to William Hardy b. 1693 d. c1751 Salmon Creek, Bertie Co. NC son of John Hardy and Charity O'Dyer

Joseph b. bef 1660 Norfolk Co, VA d. 2/22/1733-34 Norfolk Co, VA [Will] m. Mary ??? b. VA

Generation 4

Children of Joseph Batchelor and Mary ???

James b. c1689 Norfolk Co, VA d. 1754 Norfolk, VA m. Elizabeth ???

Ann b. c1704 m. Richard Harbutt

Mary b. c1706

Edith b. 1708

Sarah b.c1710

Stephen b. 1702 Norfolk Co, VA d. 1806 Deep Creek Twp, Nash Co, NC [Will] m.1. c1743 Mary Manning b. 1720 Norfolk Co, VA d. 1768 Edgecombe Co, NC daug of William Manning and Mary ??? m.2. c1760 Margot Creekmore b. 1716 d. aft 1806 Nash Co, NC [Doc]

Child of Edward Batchelor and Pathelia ???

Edward Jr [Doc]

Generation 5

Children of Daniel Batchelor & Ann Tucker

Drewey b. c1790 Nash Co, NC d. 1865 Nash Co, NC [Will] m.1. bef 1818 Nash Co, NC to Nancy Nanny ??? b. bet 1775-1794 d. bef 1835 Nash Co, NC m.2. 10/6/1835 Nash Co, NC to Mary Rose b. Nash Co, NC d. bef 1847 Nash Co, NC m.3. 4/30/1847 Nash Co, NC to Luraney Savage b. 1797 Nash Co, NC

Daniel B b. c1795 Nash Co, NC d. 1861 Nash Co, NC m. Phereby Tucker b. c1794 Nash Co, NC

Bennett I b. c1798 Nash Co, NC d. aft 1859 Decatur Co, GA [Cen] m.1. bef 1819 Lurania Watts b. SC m.2. 5/24/1827 Decatur Co, GA to Susanna Ready b. c1807 GA

Phereby b. c1819

Elizabeth b. c1823

Children of Daniel Batchelor & Hulda Vaughn

Vincent F b. c1825 Nash Co, NC d. 12/6/1862 Wincester, VA m. 7/19/1852 Nas Co, NC to Nancy W Bone

Mahalia Jane b. c1827 Nash Co, NC m. 12/28/1845 Nash Co, NC to Wilson Collins

Wright Stephen b. 5/25/1825 Nash Co, NC d. 11/6/1886 Nash Co, NC m. 6/19/1851 Nash Co, NC to Sallie A E Ward b. 7/25/1833 Nash Co, NC d. 12/20/1925 Nash Co, NC [Bible]

Ruffin L b. 4/25/1831 Nash Co, NC d. 8/16/1900 Nash Co, NC m. 7/11/1853 Nash Co, NC to Sarah Ann Batchelor b. 10/27/1830 Nash Co, NC d. 7/23/1906 Nash Co, NC d/o Berryman Batchelor & Charity Vick

Francis 1832-bef 1860 Nash Co, NC

Children of Daniel Batchelor & Nancy or Elizabeth Creekmore

Louisa b. 1848 Nash Co, NC
Emeliza b. 1848 Nash Co, NC

Children of James Batchelor & Elizabeth ???


Children of Stephen Batchelor & Margot Creekmore

Barsheba b. c1766 Nash Co, NC d. 1830-1840 KY m. 1788 KY to Ballentine Creekmore b. 1766 Norfolk Co, VA d. aft 1830 Whitley, KY s/o David Creekmore & Frances Ballentine

Sarah b. 1764 Norfolk Co, VA d. c1842 Nash Co, NC m. aft 1796 to Abijah Pridgen c1828-1842

Daniel b. 1773 Norfolk Co, VA d. c1853 Nash Co, NC [Cen] m.1. c1789 Ann Tucker m.2. 5/24/1834 Nash Co, NC to Hulda Vaughn m.3. 8/27/1839 Nash Co, NC to Nancy or Elizabeth Creekmore

Nancy Ann b. c1774 Norfolk Co. VA d. 1830-1840 m. Timothy Creekmore

Children of Stephen Batchelor & Mary Manning

Stephen Jr b. c1730 Nash Co, NC d. 1801 Franklin Co, NC [Will] [Doc] m.1. Susanna Hay m.2. Margaret c1733-c1810

William b. 1744 Norfolk Co, VA d. c1805 Nash Co, NC [Will] [Doc] m. 12/8/1777 Norfolk Co, VA to Mary Harper

Samuel b. 1748 Deep Creek, Norfolk Co, VA d. Aug 1827 Nash Co, NC [Will] [Doc] m. 1769 poss Edgecombe Co, NC to Margaret d.1818

Solomon b. 1750 Nash Co, NC d. bef 12/6/1808 Halifax District, Francklin Co, NC [Will] m. c1769 Bute Co, NC to Sarah Boswell b. c1750-1752 NC d. 1808 Franklin Co, NC

Mary b. c1752 Norfolk Co, VA d. c1824 Nash Co, NC m. bef 1796 to Jesse Pridgen b. c1756

Margaret b. 1754-1755 NC d. 3/20/1838 Nash Co, NC m. bef 1796 to Wilis Ward

Elizabeth b. c1756 Nash Co, NC d. 9/1/1829 Whitney Co, KY m. c1773 VA to Robert Creekmore

Joseph b. c1758 Nash Co, NC d. c1820 Nash Co, NC [Doc] m.1. Phereby Melton Tucker b. c1763 d. c1823 d/o Zachariah Melton & Sarah Thomas m.2. c1780 Pharaby McCoy

Generation 6

Child of Barsheba Batchelor & Ballentine Creekmore

Judith b. 1790 Nash, NC d. aft 1870 Whitley,KY

Child of Bennett Batchelor & Lurania Watts

Daniel b. 1/28/1819 Decatur, GA d. 12/28/1895 Bienville Parish, Ringgold, LA [Cem] m. 1/21/1846 Attala Co, MS to Martha A Tyler d/o Henry Clay Tyler and Keziah Williams

Children of Bennett Batchelor & Susanna Ready

John b. c1829
Bennett II b. 1833 Decatur Co, GA
Eloise or Edorrie b. 1834 Decatur Co, GA
James b. 1838 Decatur Co, GA
Ann b. 1841 Decatur Co, GA

Child of Drewey Batchelor & Mary Rose

Elizabeth b. c1838 Nash Co, NC

Children of Drewey Batchelor & Nancy Nanny ???

Nathaniel Merritt b. Feb 1824 Nash Co, NC d. 1903 Nash Co, NC m.1. 10/31/1867 Franklin Co, NC to Mildred Johnson b. 1842 Franklin Co, NC d. bef 2/3/1881 Nash Co, NC d/o Joseph John Johnson & Mildred Wheless m.2. 11/26/1849 Nash Co, NC to Louisa F Eliza Boone b. 1828 Nash Co, NC d. 1854 Nash Co, NC d/o Robert Boone & Rebecca ??? m.3. 11/27/1855 Franklin Co, NC to Martha Johnson b. 1840 Franklin Co, NC d. 1866 Nash Co, NC d/o Joseph John Johnson & Mildred Wheless m.4. 2/1/1885 Rebecca T Ward 3/14/1845-12/8/1920 Castalia Twp, Nash Co, NC [Cem] d/o German W Ward & Mary Polly Dozier

Delany b. c1820 m. ??? Bowden

Rebecca J b. c1823 m. 12/3/1851 John A Bowden

Elizabeth b. c1818 Nash Co, NC

Melaney b. c1821 m.1. 9/14/1842 Nash Co, NC to James Coppedge d. Aug 1848 m.2. 1/20/1849 Nash Co, NC to Abel Bowden b. c1807 Franklin Co, NC

Children of Joseph Batchelor & Pharaby McCoy

Mary b. 1780 Nash Co, NC d. 10/27/1854 Nash Co, NC m. Richard Trigleth d. 1823

Wright Stephen b. c1782

Joseph b. c1785 Nash Co, NC m. c1804 Elizabeth Deans b. c1782 Nash Co, NC d/o Thomas Deans

Samuel McBatchelor b. c1788 Nash Co, NC d. c1865 Nash Co, NC m. Charlotte Westry

Latimore 10/27/1790-10/27/1812

Isley b. c1792 m. 12/3/1823 John Vaughn

Caswell b. 1/20/1799 Nash Co, NC d. 2/3/1843 Randolph Co, IN m. c1825 TN to Anna Elvington 1808-1886

Children of Ruffin L Batchelor & Sarah Ann Batchelor

Sarah Jane 12/25/1854 - aft 1930 m. 2/22/1874 Nash Co, NC to Christopher Columbus Viverette s/o Andrew Viverette & Mary Edwards

Richard Volantine 1/19/1858-1/6/1909 [Cem] m. Mourning Harriet ??? 11/29/1861-2/25/1948

Conrelia b. 12/30/1859 Nash Co, NC d. 7/18/1897 Nash Co, NC m. 11/19/1885 Nash Co, NC to James L Griffin

Mourning b. 1862 Nash Co, NC

Children of Samuel Batchelor & Margaret ???


Wilson Richard b. 1775 Nash Co, NC d. 1858 Savannah, Hardin Co, TN [Doc] m. 1805 Nash Co, NC to Alice Odom b. 1790 Nash Co, NC d. 1848 Hardin Co, TN m. ??? Whitfield

James S b. 1770 poss Edgecombe Co, NC d. 2/9/1821 Nash Co, NC [Will] [Doc] m.1790 Ann Tucker 1755-1825 Nash Co, NC

Willis c1781-c1820 [Will] m. 1/22/1828 Nash Co, NC to Patsy Williams

William b. c1784

John Eldridge 1785-c1876

Barnaby b. 1776 Nash Co, NC d. 1815 [Doc]

Edith b. 1785 m. c1814 ??? Whitfield

Wright Stephen b. c1789 Nash Co, NC d. 11/7/1846 Nash Co, NC [Will] [Doc] m.1. 1/6/1807 Charity Tucker b. 1789 NC d. 10/27/1854 Nash Co, NC m.2. Sarah ???

Elizabeth Batchelor c1790-c1821 m. c1810 John Glover

Children of Solomon Batchelor & Sarah Boswell

John b. Franklin Co, NC d. 8/8/1868 Bloomfield, Stoddard Co, MO [Vet] m.1. 1811 Sumner Co, TN to Hannah McGouglin m.2. 11/17/1813 Lebanon, Wilson Co, TN to Nancy Claxton b. 1788 Sumner Co, TN d. c1848 d/o Anson Claxton m.3. Jul 1840 Medord Co, TN to Mary Jane Leverett/Lenert

Thomas b. 1770 Nash Co, NC d. c1830 NC m. Ann Tucker

Martha Patsey b. 1772 Franklin Co, NC m. bef 1798 David Jackson b. c1774 Halifax, NC s/o Isaac Jackson & Elizabeth ???

Jesse b. 1775 Franklin Co, NC d. 1856 Putnam Co, GA [Cen] m. c1814 Lucy Whitfield b. c1773 NC

Zilpha b. 1778 NC m. 12/23/1797 Franklin Co, GA to Thomas Wilson

Penelope b. 1780

Reubin b. 1783 Nash Co, NC d. 1865 m.1. 6/30/1810 Nash Co, NC to Lucretia Carter m.2 6/30/1817 Orange Co, NC to Peggy Couch m.3. 12/18/1850 Orange Co, NC to Martha Brazil

Solomon b. 1785 Franklin Co, NC d. 1870 Franklin Co, NC m.1. 4/30/1824 Nash Co, NC to Elizabeth Cooper [Doc] m.2. 12/11/1833 Franklin Co, NC to Leony Lesy Wood

William b. 1787 Franklin Co, NC m.1. 1809 Franklin Co, NC to Patsey Gay d/o Elias Gay m.2. 12/17/1816 Franklin Co, NC to Sally Smith

Peyton b. 1798 Franklin Co, NC m. 2/18/1822 Franklin Co, NC to Elizabeth Wood Morris

Thomas Agrippa (per The Batchelor Family, Lyle K Williams) b. 12/23/1770 Franklin Co, NC d. 4/14/1842 Liberty, Amite Co, MS [Cem] m. 12/16/1805 Amite Co, MS to Rebecca Gayden 2/21/1772-1/14/1836 Amite Co, MS d/o George Gayden & Ann ???

Child of Stephen Batchelor & Susanna Hay

Samuel 1749 - 1827 m. Margaret ??? d. 1818
Kinchen b. 1791
Elias b. 1793 d. Orange Co, NC
Stephen b. 1796 Franklin Co, NC m. c1796 Sally ??? b. c1804 NC

Child of William Batchelor & Mary Harper

William b. 1790

Children of Wright Stephen Batchelor & Sallie Ann E Ward

Eugenia Elizabeth Wright b. 4/19/1853 Nash Co, NC d. 3/19/1944 Nash Co, NC m.1. 9/18/1870 Nash Co, NC to William Davis m.2. 9/25/1879 Nash Co, NC to A W Battle

Lucy Jane b. 9/25/1854 Nash Co, NC d. 6/17/1937 Nash Co, NC m. 2/6/1878 Nash Co, NC to John F Proctor

William Wright b. 5/15/1856 Nash Co, NC d. 8/29/1920 Nash Co, NC m.1. 9/26/1880 Nash Co, NC to Nannie Abernathy m.2. 5/4/1884 Nash Co, NC to Mary Brown b. Aug 1861 Nash Co, NC

Arkansas "Cancis" W b. 9/6/1858 Nash Co, NC d. 4/7/1949 Nash Co, NC m. ??? Barnes

Bunnion Ward b. 9/25/1860 Nash Co, NC d. 12/23/1964 Nash Co, NC m.1. 1/5/1880 Nash Co, NC to Vessie Weaver b. 12/1/1857 Nash Co, NC d. 8/28/1913 Nash Co, NC m.2. c1915 Nash Co, NC to Genora Culpepper b. 5/29/1869 Nash Co, NC d. 2/16/1854 Nash Co, NC

Fannie Wright b. 11/30/1862 Nash Co, NC d. 8/4/1952 Nash Co, NC m. Robert Winstead b. 12/4/1860 Nash Co, NC d. 12/11/1935 Nash Co, NC

Sallie Ann Florence b. 2/22/1866 Nash Co, NC d. 6/18/1905 Nash Co, NC m. 2/7/1885 Nash Co, NC to Isaac F Height

Peter Ruffin b. 9/15/1867 Nash Co NC d. 5/4/1937 Nash Co, NC [Cem] m. 10/27/1897 Nash Co, NC to Rosa Elizabeth Cockrell b. 10/29/1878 Nash Co, NC d. 12/20/1933 Nash Co, NC

Nannie Francis b. 2/1/1870 Nash Co, NC d. 6/1/1959 Nash Co, NC m. John Harris Winstead b. 12/10/1855 Nash Co, NC d. 10/9/1925 Nash Co, NC

Jordan Edgar b. 2/23/1872 Nash Co, NC d. 8/22/1937 Nash Co, NC m. 4/6/1890 Nash Co, NC to Florence Matthews b. 1/26/1872 Nash Co, NC d. 2/1/1960 Nash Co, NC

Wright Stephen b. 3/31/1874 Nash Co, NC d. 11/28/1957 Nash Co, NC m. Nannie Smith


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