The Biggs Lineage

Generations 1-6

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Legend: [Cen] = Census Records, [Will] = Will, [Doc] = Documentation

Generation 1

Richard Biggs b. c1590 Hampshire, Southhampton, Eng

Generation 2

John Biggs [Doc] [Will] b. 1606 Hampshire, Southhamtpon, Eng d. 1694 Elizabeth River, Norfolk Co, VA m. bef 1638 Eng to Johannah Norsworthy [Doc] or Sawyer d. bef 1694 Lower Norfolk, VA

Generation 3

Ann Biggs b. 1644-1647 Eng d. aft Oct 1712 Scuppernong, Chowan/Tyrell Co, NC m.1. c1660 to Charles Shaw m.2. c1664 Richard Batchelor [Will] b. c1643 poss Buchinghamshire, Eng d. bef 10/17/1682 So Br Elizabeth River, Norfolk Co, VA poss s/o William Batchelor m.3. 1688 poss in Norfolk Co, VA to James Fewox b. Tyrell Co, NC d. bef Jan 1711/12 Scuppernong, Chowan, Tyrell Co, NC

John Biggs Jr [Doc]b. c1645 Eng d. Aug 1704 Princess Anne Co, VA m. Ellinor Reaven

Thomas Biggs b. 1648-1649 Eng d. 1696-1697 Norfolk Co, VA m. c1670 Lower Norfolk, VA to Mary Browne b. 1656 d/o Edward Browne [Doc]

Katherine Biggs [Doc]b. 1655-1656 Lower Norfolk, VA d. 1718 Norfolk Co, VA m. bef1694 Norfolk Co, VA to Thomas Mercer b. 1628 Foxes Lane, Stepney, Co Middlesex d. 5/16/1718 Norfolk Co, VA s/o Christopher Mercer & Mary Simson

Dorothy Biggs b. Lower Norfolk, VA d. Tyrell Co, NC m. aft 3/15/1792 to John Jennett

Johannah Biggs b. c1653 Lower Nofolk, VA d. bef May 1694 Lower Norfolk, VA m1. c1676 Edward Hasell d. bef May 1679 m.2. c1679 to Matthew Caswell d. c1704 prob Norfolk Co, VA

Jabez Biggs b. Lower Norfolk, VA d. 1693 Lower Norfolk, VA [Doc][Will]

Elizabeth Biggs b. 1657-1658 Lower Norfolk, VA d. bef 3/2/1717-18 Pasquotank Co, NC m. bef 1694 to George Whitby

Jean/Jane Biggs b. 1659-60 poss Norfolk Co, VA m. bef 1694 to Walter Sikes

Pheobe Biggs b. 1665-1670 Norfolk Co, VA d. aft 9/15/1708 Norfolk Co, VA m. Henry Foster d. 1708 Norfolk Co, VA

Generation 4

Children of John Biggs & Ellinor Reaven


Children of Thomas Biggs & Mary Browne

John b. c1690 Eng d. c1747 LowerNorfolk, VA m. Sarah ???

James b. c1707 Currituck, NC d. 1768 Currituck, NC [Will] m. Currituck Co, NC to Bertha Fanshaw b. c1720 d. aft 1771 d/o Richard Fanshaw

William Biggs

Generation 5

Children of James Biggs & Bertha Fanshaw

John b. c1733 Craven, NC
James b. c1735 Craven, NC
Elizabeth b. c1737 Craven, NC m. ??? Leggett
Eleanor b. c1739 Craven, NC
William b. c1741 Craven, NC
Robrt b. c1743 Craven, NC
Caleb b. c1745 Craven, NC
Davis b. c1747 Craven, NC
Amariah b. c1749 Craven, NC

Children of John Biggs & Sarah ???

Joseph b. 1726 Norfolk, VA d. 1798 Williamston, Martin Co, NC [Will] m. 1740 Portsmouth, Norfolk Co, VA to Margaret Eastwood b. 2/15/1729/30 Tyrell, NC d. Bef 1783 Williamston, Martin Co, NC d/o Thomas Eastwood & Ruth Cherry

John Jr b. 1727 Norfolk Co, VA d. 1789 Edgecombe Co, NC m. Bethiah Ludgall

James b. 1728

Generation 6

Children of John Biggs Jr & Bethiah Ludgall

Sarah b. 7/30/1783 Edgecombe Co, NC m. c1782 William Padon b. 9/17/1769 Edgecombe Co, NC s/o William Padon & Isabel poss Morris

Children of Joseph Biggs & Margaret Eastwood

Thomas/Kader b. 8/13/1749 NC d. bef Mar 1815 Martin Co, NC m. Hannah Ward 10/14/1751-1826

James b. 2/24/1753 Wililamson, Martin Co, NC d. bef Sep 1789 Martin Co, NC [Will] m. Elizabeth Cherry 1755-1789 m. Jemima Daniel/Cherry 1749-1769 Robeson Co, NC m.3. Sarah Etheridge b. VA d/o John Ethridge & Eleanor Bright

William b. 4/1/1756 NC d. bef Jun 1817 Martin Co, NC m. Milly Smithwick 1758-1774

Sarah Sally b. 9/27/1758 Williamston, Martin Co, NC d. 1770 Martin Co, NC m. John Ward 3/15/1774/44-1773

Joseph Jr b. 11/12/1766 Martin Co, NC d. 5/31/1844 Martin Co, NC m.1. 8/27/1784 Martin Co, NC to Elizabeth Gregory d. 10/9/1786 m.2. 2/20/1787 Martin Co, NC to Ann Phillips 1767-10/25/1807 Martin Co, NC m.3. 2/4/1808 Martin Co, NC to Chloe Daniel 3/2/1775-10/20/1845

Mourning b. c1755 Martin Co, NC d. 1822 m.1. William Burkett m.2. Harrell Wright Cherry

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