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Our Lord Heals Today - While in the Canadian Army, in 1917, I was suddenly taken down with appendicitis, and before I could reach a hospital the appendix had ruptured, causing peritonitis, necessitating the removal of parts of the large and small intestines. Four months drainage through the incision was necessary to relieve the abdomen of the poisons.
I suffered almost constantly from pain and from periodical hemorrhages from that time, gradually growing worse until the winter of 1936-37 when I was laid up most of the time. But the winter of 1937-38 was the climax. I suffered constantly from hemorrhages, as many as twelve a day. I spent a short time in the Veterans’ Hospital, Vancouver, but came home no better. IN the spring of 1938 I attended special meetings in Pentiction, BC, conducted by Bro Barnes. One evening, at the close of the service, still in much pain, I was anointed for healing; and praise God, the precious Blood of Christ availed. I felt as if a warm liquid were trickling down my back; the pain ceased immediately, and I’ve enjoyed complete freedom from the hemorrhages ever since. Thank God for His unspeakable Gift. W. (Charles Wilmer) Starrett, Kaleden, BC (The Pentecostal Testimony, 7/15/1940, p12)

Robert Wilmer Starrett was born in Toronto, Ontario, the eldest of 13 children of Charles and Violet Starrett. Yet a baby, his parents moved to Miami, FL where they were saved and Spiritfilled. At age 7 Bob was drowned and returned to life after 15 minutes in the water and 3 times pronounced dead by doctor and nurse. His parents believed for a miracle and received it. His mother had dedicated him to the ministry and was sure he would live. He accepted Jesus at 9 years of age while “picking berries with Mom” and 3 years later the family moved to Naniamo, BC in a “first ever” motor home built by Bob’s father on a Model T Ford car. There he was baptized in the Holy Spirit. Tom Johnstone was his Sunday School teacher. The family moved to Pentiction, BC where Bob completed school and enrolled in Bethel Bible College in Saskatoon, Saskatechewan and worked after the first term on the fishing boats in BC
He was enlisted in the Royal Canadian Navy and for the next 4 yrs served on submarine chasers out of Halifax, NS. After the war he returned to Bible College to prepare for ministry to native people. On 7/31/1946, Robert Starett and Evelyn Beck of Creston, BC were married and took their third year of Bible College together, graduating in 1947 and began ministry together at Alert Bay, BC with J Nygard, graduates of Western Pentecostal Bible Institute.
The work at Alert Bay was divided between white and native people on the island, with itinerary by small boat to several other islands and logging camps.
Many dangerous trips were made to keep up the schedule while their wives stayed at home to care for family. John and Bob worked 3 days a week in a boat repair shop in Alert Bay. In the Fall of 1949, the Starrett family moved to Crawford Bay, BC to pioneer a new work. Having no car and living a distance from the community made for problems, especially in the heavy snow of 1950. The following spring, 12 converts were baptized in water. Their next move was to Grand Forks, BC where they found a “precious praying assembly”.
One year in Prince Rupert, BC and at the request of superintendent Carmen Lynn, Robert Starrett too over the Gospel Boat ministry out of Coal Harbour on the Quatsino Sound. Family and belongings went by steamship to Port Hardy. The Gospel Boat was a 42’ cabin that slept 5 people. Bob worked in Coal Harbour and on Friday “after school” the family took off for several preaching points and a visit to the Quatsino Indian Village. Port Alice pulp town was a calling place along with logging camps.
On to Oliver, BC in Apr 1958 with home in the church basement and after 4 yrs on to Williams Lake, BC as pastor of Calvary Temple. Here Mrs Starrett’s parents joined the family. Her father died and her mother continued with them until she went to be with the Lord in 1981.
Rev Starrett’s next move was to Merritt, BC where a new church was built and dedicated by Superintendent Eric Hornby. In Oct, daughter Lowana was married to Douglas Lynn and entered ministry at Sidney, BC succeeding Pastor Roy Flemming.
Robert and Evelyn Starrett went to Kitimat, BC as pastors in 1971 and the next year daughter Robert Joan married Philip Norden of Kamloops. The next year saw Bob and his wife back at Port Hardy where during 5 yrs of pasturing the church was moved to a better location and given a full basement, offices and foyer. A parsonage was also purchased.
Rev Laurie Hale of Armstong, BC was succeeded by Robert and Evelyn in 1978 until they were requested by C Lynn to go as principal in the Bible School to Zambia, Africa which they accepted and which Rev Starrett describes as a “rewarding experience”. They spent 8 months pasturing the English speaking church in Mombasa, Kenya, coming home to do 11 months of missionary itinerary in BC, Manitoba, Alberta and the Yukon. They joined the pastoral staff of Woodlea Pentecostal Church in Red Deer, Sadk. (1983). In 1985 an invitation was accepted to pastor Oneway Christian Center where the work that had been closed was reopened and established.
Upon their 40th anniversary and their 40 yrs of ministry Rev & Mrs Starrett retired in Pentiction, BC where they are still busily engaged in the cause of Jesus Christ. Blessings upon these dedicated and sacrificial servants of God. (Pentecostal Pastimes)

Child Loses Hand Playing with 'Caps' Spring 1941
Two children were injured, one of them so seriously that her right hand had to be amputated, when detonating caps they were playing with exploeded at their home in Bridgeport on Wed.
The hand of Edith Starratt, 4, d/o Mr & Mrs Wilmer Starratt, was amputated in General Hospital. Her condition today is described as fair. Her Sister, Irene, 6, suffered powder burns in the blast.
Police sid that the girls' brother, John, 11 and Danile, 8, found the capsTues in a dump on the North Arm of the Fraser River, about 2 blocks from their home.

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