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This family is still being researched. If you have any additions or corrections to this lineage please contact me at: Belinda Melton DePhillip

Legend: Census Records [Cen], [War] = Military Records

Generation 1

Andrew Starrett & Ann Edwards

Generation 2

Robert Starrett b. prob No Ireland d. 1819 Co, Tyrone, No Ireland m. c1804 Co, Tyrone, No Ireland to Jane Cummins b. c1785 Co Tyrone, No Ireland d. 9/23/174 Norval, Ont, Canada

Andrew Starrett b. 1777 Tyrone, N Ireland d. 12/9/1857 Brampton, Ont, Can m. Nancy Cummins b. 1782 Londondery, Ireland d. 12/6/1858 Ont, Can

Generation 3

Children of Andrew Starrett & Nancy Cummins

Andrew Starrett Jr b. 1/28/1815 Tyrone, N Ireland d. 4/28/1888 Rverson, Starrat, Ont, Can m. 12/21/1836 Frances Merigold b. 7/28/1816 prob Merigold, Toronto, Ont, Can d. 2/22/1895 d/o Daniel Merigold & Margaret Vail


Thomas Cummins b. 5/19/1817 Tyrone, Ireland d. 3/11/1880 Cem m. 11/28/1855 Bolton, Ont, CAN to Dorothea Sterne b. 3/8/1834 Ont, CAN d. 1/25/1901 Nobleton, King Twp, York Co, Ont, CAN d/o Samuel Boyce Sterne & Ann Plummer

Children of Robert Starrett & Jane Cummins

David Starrett b. 2/2/1813 Co Tyrone, No Ireland d. 4/6/1876 Woodstock, Oxford Co, Ont, Can m. 12/14/1842 Merigold Point, Ont, Can to Hannah Vail Merigold b. 10/2/1824 d. 12/11/1900 Esquesing, Ont, Can d/o Daniel Merigold & Margaret Vail

Charles Sterritt b. Aug 1808 No Ireland d. 3/24/1892 St Mary's, Ont, Can m. 9/24/1834 Jane Reid b. 9/24/1817 Co Antrim, Ire d. 11/11/1895 St Mary's Ont, Can d/o William Reid & Agnes Craig

Eliza Starrat b. 1808 Co Tyrone, No Ireland d. 4/5/1858 Twp Esquesing, Halton Co, Can m. James Stirrat b. 1793 Scotland d. 9/5/1859 Twp Esquising, Halton Co, Ont s/o John Stirrat & Mary Bowman

Jane Starrett b. 1816 Co, Tyrone, No Ireland d. 4/16/1902 Glen Williams, Ont, Can m. 9/25/1834 to John J Leslie 1812-10/26/1900 Glen Williams, Ont, Can

Ann Starrett b. Co Tyrone, No Ireland m. c1840 Glen Williams, Ont, Can to Samuel Curry

Generation 4

Children of Andrew Starrett & Frances Fanny Marigold

Nancy b. 10/12/1853 Chingaucosy, Peel Co, Ont, Can d. 12/21/1911 Brampton, Ont, Can

Alitia M. b. 10/23/1842 Merigolds Point, Ont, Can d. 1/27/1926 Clarkson Spring ??? m. 1862 Henry Shock

Jane b. 2/4/1839 Chingaucosy, Peel Co, Ont, Can d. 5/17/1915 Brampton, Ont Can m. 1865 John Wallace Smith 1842-1923 s/o John Campbell Smith & Eliza Wallace

Thomas Cyrus b. 2/9/1855 Chingaucosy, Peel Co, Ont, Can d. 11/16/1927 Muskegon, MI m. 6/2/1880 Muskegon, MI to Delphine Anderson 1862-1932 d/o John William Anderson & Mary Bascom Stevens

Hannah b. 2/15/1840 Chingaucosy, Peel Co, Ont, Can d. 9/27/1913 Manitoba, Can m. 1865 Thomas Argue b. 1835 Ireland d. 1902 Winnipeg, Ont Can

Fanny Charlotte Lottie b. 3/13/1857 Chingaucosy, Peel Co, Ont, Can d. 3/31/1924 m. 1880 Thomas Simpson

Elisa b. 3/28/1852 Chingaucosy, Peel Co, Ont, Can d. 1925 Brampton, Ont, Can m. 1872 John Sinclair 1844-1921

Edgar b. 4/5/1850 Chingaucosy, Peel Co, Ont, Can d. 2/11/1918 Detroit, MI m. 1871 Emma Hickmot 1845-1900

Harriett b. 7/10/1848 Chingaucosy, Peel Co, Ont, Can d. 1930 Quion Near, Ottawa, Ont, Can m. 1875 William Pimlott b. Eng

James b. 7/17/1841 Chingaucosy, Peel Co, Ont, Can d. 11/1/1906 Detroit, MI m. 1867 Marian D'Arche 1841-1914

C Selina b. 8/23/1846 Chingaucosy, Peel Co, Ont, Can d. 4/26/1909 Gananoque, Ont, Can m. 1874 William Salter s/o James Salter & Sexa ???

Charles b. 9/5/1844 Merigolds Point, Ont, Can d. 2/25/1908 m. 1873 Marian Spalding

Daniel b. 9/18/1837 Chingaucosy, Peel Co, Ont, Can d. 11/9/1922 Huskoka, Ont, Can m. Nellie Hall d/o Thomas Hall & Isabella Block

Children of David Starrett and Hannah Merigold

Charles Joseph Starrett b. 10/30/1866 Glen Williams, Ont d. c1948 Toront, Ont, Can m. 12/14/1887 Clara Nash Mullin 7/12/1866-1/28/1917 d/o Henry Mullin

Margaret Starrett b. 10/10/1843 Glen Williams, Ont, Can d. 4/20/1893 Georgetown, Ont, Can m. 4/3/1873 to Glen Milloy b. 8/15/1830 d.12/3/1915

Jane Starrett b. 5/19/1845 Glen Williams, Ont d. 12/13/1873 m.9/30/1867 to William Leslie

Robert Merigold Starrett b. 4/12/1847 Glen Williams, Ont, Can d. 9/27/1849 Glen Williams, Ont, Can

David Starrett b. 4/10/1849 Glen Williams, Ont, Can d. 8/5/1913 Portland, OR m. 10/4/1870 to Lily Ann Mullin b. 6/15/1850 d.10/13/1929 Erie, PA

Thomas James Starrett b. 4/29/1851 Glen Williams, Ont, Can d. 9/4/1907 Hancock, MI m. 9/14/1876 Georgetown, Ont, Can to Emma Jane Spence

Grace Merigold Starrett b. 8/18/1853 Glen Williams, Ont, Can d. 6/1/1858 Glen Williams, Ont, Can

Eliza Starrett b. 2/18/1855 Glen Williams, Ont, Can m. 6/20/1896 Charles M. Livingston

Robert Starrett b. 9/2/1857 Glen Williams, Ont, Can d.4/2/1890 m.6/27/1883 Georgetown, Ont, Can to Margaret Jane McCullough

Andrew Cummins Starrett b. 8/2/1859 Glen Williams, Ont, Can d.4/20/1882

Selina Grace Starrett b. 9/12/1861 Glen Williams, Ont Can d. 1/30/1882

Sarah A Starrett b. April 1864 Glen Williams, Ont, Can d. 10/3/1865 Glen Williams, Ont, Can

Children of Charles Sterritt and Jane Reid

Robert Sterritt b. 1836-1839

William Cummins Sterritt b. 9/14/1836 Glen Williams, Ont d. 2/20/1917 St. Mary's, Ont. m. 3/9/1860 St. Mary's, Ont to Mary McMaster b. 1830 Stranraor, Scotland d. 3/24/1912 St. Mary's, Ont daug of John McMaster and Agnes McWilliams

Agnes Sterritt b. 1840 d. 1921 Manitou, Manitoba, Can m. John Woods

Robert Reid Sterritt b. 6/30/1841 d, 2/27/1926 St. Mary's, Ont, Can m. 12/30/1874 St. Mary's, Ont, Can to Sarah Catherine Garner b. 5/21/1847 Plover Hills, W. Nissouri, Ont, Can d. 1/13/1940 St. Mary's, Ont, Can daug of William Garner and Olive Hodgeman

Alexander Sterritt b. 1843 d.10/20/1897 Sterritt Homestead, Nissouri m. ??? Fitzpatrick

James Sterritt b. 1845 d. 1894 Keokuk, IA m. Agnes Jardine

Janet Sterritt b. 1847 d. 11/27/1926

David Sterritt b. c1848 m. May McLean

Mary Sterritt b. c1850 d.3/17/1892 Emmerson, Man., Can m. William Forrester d. 1/18/1921 Ont, Can

Margaret Ann Sterritt b. 3/22/1853 Esquesing, Halton Co., Ont d. 1937

Charles Henry Sterritt b. c1855 m. 3/22/1888 prob. St. Mary's, Ont, Can to Nellie McIntyre

John C Sterritt b. c1857

Eliza Sterritt b. 6/25/1860 d. 1/4/1944 prob. St. Mary's Ont, Can m.12/28/1887 prob St. Mary's, Ont, Can to James B Hedley b. 6/21/1858 d. 5/8/1925

Children of Eliza Starrat and James Stirrat

John Stirrat b. 7/25/1840 Twp Esquesing, Halton Co., Ont, Can d.12/29/1913 Halton Co., Ont, Can

Alexander Stirrat b. 1842 Homestead, Esquesing, Halton Co, Ont d. 9/16/1918 Glen Williams, Ont, Can m. 7/16/1868 Glen Williams, Ont, Can to Jane Ann Grant b.1850 Glen Williams, Ont, Can d.1916 Glen Williams, Ont, Can daug of William Grant and Sarah ???
Robert Stirrat b. 1843 Twp Esquesing, Halton Co, Ont, Can d.1/18/1913 Wheeling, W. VA

James Frazer Stirrat b. 1850 Twp Esquesing, Halton Co., Ont., Can d.Dec 1878 Cannon City, Co

Children of Thomas Cummins Starrett & Dorothea Sterne

Annie Louise 9/18/1858-4/1/1903 Ont, CAN m. 12/20/1882 King Twp, York Co, Ont, CAN to Arthur David Snider b. 2/16/1849 Nobleton, King Twp, York Co, Ont, Can d. 1920 Bolton, Ont, Can

Andrew C c1861-bef 1881

Elizabeth Frances b. 1/18/1858 Albion Twp, York Co, Ont, Can d. 1939 m. 5/13/1885 Harvie Lackie Snider 11/17/1851-12/19/1938

Cummins b. 1861 Bolton, Ont, Can d. 7/15/1940 Toronto, Ont, Can [Cem] m. aft 1891 Annie Elizabeth Moore b. 1866 Acton, Ont, Can d. 4/25/1903 Hamilton, Ont, Can

Susan Maria b. 12/15/1862 Albion Twp, Ont, Can d. 7/8/1950 Listowel, Ont, Can [Cem] m. William Pringle b. 7/36/1852 Nobleton, King Twp, York Co, Ont, Can d. 9/19/1931 Nobleton, King Twp, York Co, Ont, Can

Generation 5

Children of Charles Joseph Starrett & Clara Nash Mullin

Charles Wilmer b. 3/2/1897 Glen Williams, Esquesing Twp, Halton Co, Ont, Can d. 2/7/1968 No Saanich, BC, Can [Doc] [Pic] [Obit] m. 7/26/1920 Toronto, York Co, Ont, Can to Violet Latisha Lindsay b. 5/9/1898 Woodstock, Oxford Co, Ont, Can d. 11/2/1984 Vancover, BC, CAN [Obit] d/o Alexander N Lindsay & Emily May Murray

Robert Stanley b. 5/10/1888 Georgetown, Ont, Can m. Dora ???

Eva Pearl b. 7/17/1890 Georgetown, Ont, Can m. William Farmer

Henry b. 4/3/1893 Georgetown, Ont, Can d. 4/20/1893 Georgetown, Ont, Can

Children of Charles Starrett & Marian Spalding

Andrew Wilbur b. 1876 m. 1906 Caroline Pickens
Rose Marian b. 1885

Children of David Starrett & Lily Ann Mullin

Louise Harland b. 7/6/1871
David Herbert b. 10/22/1873
Sarah Agnes 6/2/1876-10/27/1876
Lillie Millicent b. 9/1/1879
Myrtle Albert b. 1/26/1885

Children of Edgar Starrett & Emma Hickmot

Edna 1879-1925 m. 1912 Harry Goldmith Bygate

Children of James Starrett & Marian D'Arche

Ada Minnie
Mary Caroline m. 1897 George Isiah Berridge
William Andres m. 1909 Erma George Stringer

Children of Thomas Starrett & Emma Spence

Mabel Evelyn Merigold b. 10/12/1877
Elsie Idonea Blanche b. 10/4/1880
Salina Vail 1883-1922
John Norma De Vere b. 10/19/1887
Frederic Homer b. 2/26/1890

Children of Thomas Cyrus Starrett & Delphine Anderson

Alza 1881-1956 m. 1908 Charles Lewis Chambers
Howard Andrew b. 1889 m. Esther ???
Hubert Edgar 1886-1887
John William 1891-1970
Muriel b. 1896 m. 1925 William Taylor Fulton Jr

Children of Robert Starrett & Margaret McCullough

David Wallace Starrett b. 3/8/1886 Glen Williams, Ont, Can d.6/3/1887 Glen Williams, Ont, Can

Wilfred Alvin Starret b. 10/18/1888 Glen Williams, Ont, Can d.5/23/1957 Georgetown, Ont, Can m. 12/2/1926 Georgetown, Ont, Can to Edythe Presswood b. 10/7/1897 Eng d. 11/10/1984 Georgetown, Ont, Can daug of John Presswood

Robert Wallace Starrett b.4/13/1890 Glen Williams, Ont d. 9/27/1967 Barrie, Ont, Can m.3/22/1916 Creemore, Ont, Can to Ethel Day d. 11/29/1956 Cooksville, Ont, Can

Children of William Sterritt and Mary McMaster

Agnes Sterritt b. 9/6/1860 St. Mary's, Ont Can d.8/10/1933 m.Fletcher Briggs d. Oct 1938

Charles Sterritt b. 12/1/1861 St. Mary's, Ont, Can d. 2/9/1923 m. 3/20/1888 St. Mary's, Ont to Agnes Baird b. 4/2/1861 d. 12/5/1930 prob. St. Mary's, Ont, Can

Jean Sterritt b. 12/4/1862 St. Mary's, Ont, Can m.c1894 William Forrester d. 1/18/1921 Ont, Can

Mary Grace Sterritt b. 6/25/1866 St. Mary's, Ont, Can

Catherine Sterritt b. 1/13/1868 St. Mary's, Ont d. c2/26/1931 m. 12/28/1892 prob. St. Mary's, Ont to John Alexander MacKay

John Sterritt b. 1/13/1868 St. Mary's, Ont, Can m. Adeline Brown

Maggie Sterritt b. St. Mary's, Ont Can m. Willa Logan

Helen Sterritt b. 11/6/?? St. Mary's, Ont Can m. Geroge E Wood

Annie Sterritt m. Robert E McIntosh d. 1/12/1939

Children of Robert Sterritt and Sarah Garner

Olive Hodgeman Sterritt b. 10/16/1875 d. 4/24/1967 m. 1904 Samuel Atkinson b. 1871 d. 1945

Jane Reid Sterritt b. 12/26/1877 d. 5/28/1962 m. John William Brown b. 8/4/1875 d. 5/28/1962 St. Mary's, Ont son of George Brown and Jane Louch

Charles Alexander Sterritt b. 10/1/1880 d. 9/16/1973 m.12/25/1908 Lily Alva Pearl Hobbs b. 8/8/1884 d. 6/16/1964

Mary Sterritt

Mary Agnes Sterritt b. 8/6/1885 d. 2/12/1983 m. 3/17/1910 to Robert George Riddell b. 1883 d. 1957

William Robert Sterritt b. 12/20/1886 d. 3/30/1977 m. 6/22/1921 Atwood, Ont to Mary Alice Gray b. 4/11/1891 Elma Twp., Perth Co., Ont, Can d. 7/23/1947 daug of John Gray and Mary Brock

Maggie Sterrit b. 11/4/1888 d. 2/17/1968 m. 9/12/1917 to Thomas Duncan Ritchie b. 1880 d. 1957

Sara Victoria Sterritt b. 6/27/1891 m. 6/19/1917 to Everett Maitland Fitzgerald b. 1899 d. 9/21/1982

Children of Alexander Stirrat and Jane Ann Grant

Ida Florence Stirrat b. 1874 d. 1967 Glen Williams, Ont, Can m. Ernest Young Barraclough b. 1874 d. 1936

Eliza Stirrat b. 1877 m. George Winfield

Child of James Frazer Stirrat

Harry Stirrat b.9/23/1873 Hanover, KS

Generation 6

Children of Andrew Wilbur & Caroline Pickens

Ruth m. Edward F Daly
Andrew Wilbur Jr m. Glendora Needy
Emily Bruce m. Wells W Spence

Children of Charles Wilmer Starrett & Violet Latisha Lindsay

Robert Wilmer Starrett [Doc] m. Evelyn Lena Beck

Margaret Doris Starrett m. William Arthur Bain

Lowana Jean Starrett b. 8/23/1924 Miami, FL d. 7/6/1987 Duncan, OK [Cem] [Obit] m. 4/12/1944 Vancouver, BC to Earl Roy Smith 5/10/1924-7/1/1991 Burnaby, BC, Can

Evelyn Betty Starrett m. Harold Baxtor

David Cletus Starrett m. Lucille Mae Hogue

John Lindsay Starrett b. 6/10/1929 Miami, FL d. 9/12/1980 Surrey, BC, Can [Cem] [Obit] m. Helen Clark-Stewart McGifford

Clara Ruth Starrett m. Gordon Herbert McNutt

Daniel Leonard Starrett m. Lois Lea McDonald

Eva Marie Starrett b. 9/9/1933 Nanaimo, BC, Can d. 11/1/1997 Pacific Grove, CA m.1. Joseph Blake Stretton m.2. Keith Smith

Mary Irene Starrett b. 2/12/1935 Naniamo, BC, Can d. 1/10/2004 New Westminster, BC, Can [Pic] [Doc] [Obit] [Cem] m.1. Oceanside, CA to John Lee Melton, Jr [Pic] b. 1/29/1931 Sherman, Grayson Co, TX d. 9/14/1985 Junction City, OR s/o John Lee Melton, and Opal Willie Little m.2. 4/23/1988 Vancouver, BC, Can to Earl Roy Smith 5/10/1924-7/1/1991 Burnaby, BC, Can

Edith Joan Starrett [Doc] m. James William Wallace

Marion Violet Starrett m. Sebastion John Munoz

Juanita Loraine Starrett m.1. 8/14/1963 Carmel, CA to William Joseph Davis b. 11/15/1941 Watertown, NY d. 8/20/1994 Carmel, CA s/o Wililam Joseph Davis m.2. Gary Dean Mendenhall

Child of Howard Andrew Starrett & Esther ???

Andrew m. ??? Gudrun

Children of Wilfred Starrett & Edythe Presswood

Alvin Victor Starrett m. Marion Lois Brown

Douglas Wilfred Starret m. Jeannette Leuneberger d/o Paul Leunenberger & Martha Studer

Children of Robert Wallace Starrett & Ethel Day

Irene Dinah Starret b. 4/28/1917 Glen Williams, Ont, Can d. 8/6/1988 m. c1942 to Cyril Lawton b. 9/8/1911

Margaret Elva Starrett b. 6/26/1919 Bampton Ont, Can d. 4/10/1992 Georgetown, Ont, Can m. 5/14/1938 to Henry John Burns

Wallace Day Starret b. 6/29/1921 Glen Wiliams, Ont, Can d. 9/3/1974 m. Dunfermline, Scotland to Annie Frater Stratton

William Russell Starret b. 2/15/1923 Georgetown, Ont, Can d. 11/11/1990 prob Redwing, Ont, Can m. 1/21/1955 to Dora Ann Needham b. 9/8/1937 Toronto, Ont, Can d. 6/25/1995 prob Redwing, Ont, Can

Olive Ruth Starrett m.1. John Jacobson m.2. Garnet Crockford m.3. Ernest Barthorpe

Children of Charles Sterritt & Agnes Baird

Stewart Sterritt Jun 1896-12/30/1898

David Browning Sterritt b. 8/14/1899 prob St Mary's, Ont d. 9/4/1961 m. 9/24/1924 to Kathleen Beavers

Children of William Starrett & Erma George Stringer

William Andres
George Alfred
James Ernest
Mary Elizabeth

Children of William Sterritt & Mary Gray

Jean Agnes Sterritt b. 12/10/1923 St. Mary's, Ont, Can d. 11/21/1992 Thorndale, Ont, Can m. 9/28/1946 W Nissouri, Ont, Can to Alfred LeRoy Dufton b. 6/4/1913 Fillmore, Sask, Can d. 6/28/1986 London, Ont, Can

Edna Isabelle Sterritt m. Gordon Foster

Robert Wilmer Sterritt m. Violet Gergina Goodman

Mary Alice Sterritt

John Gray Sterritt m. M Jean Brock

Generation 7

Children of Alvin Starrett & Marion Brown

Harold Lee b. 10/6/1953 Dawson Creek, BC d. 10/6/1980 Edmondton, AL, Can m. Pentiction, BC, Can to Charlotte Mary Phelan

Karen Ann m.1. Nicholas DeSero m.2. Lorne Hermond Gagnon

Margaret Suzanne m. John Guthrie Robinson

Children of Daniel Starrett & Louis McDonald

Bryan Lee
Kevin Danile m. Julie Ann Moore
Doublas Charles
Lee Ann Joy m. Kelly James Thompson

Children of David Browning Sterritt & Kathleen Beavers

Charles Keith
Kenneth David m. Dorothy Durance
Donald Carman
James Glen
Marian Kathleen
Gary Walter m. Clara Rae Moir
Carol Janice m. Jim Bright
William Gavin m. Mary Viola Hodgson d. 4/8/1966

Children of David Starrett & Lucille Hogue

Dennis Lee
Allan Ray to Karen Lloyd

Children of Douglas Wilfred Starret & Jeannette Leuneberger

Jacquoline Jeannette m. Barry Reid s/o James Reid & Hazel Reed

Carol Michell m. Kenneth Brown s/o Wendell Brown & Marilyn ???
Richard Douglas m. Darlene McEnery d/o David McEnery & Marge Elliott

Michelle Annette b. 9/9/1969 Georgetown, Ont, Can d. 10/12/1990 Wasaga Beach, Ont, Can

Children of John Starrett & Helen Clark Stewart McGifford

David Allen m. Janette Glasbee
Donald John m. Lori Hensurd
Lorraine Isobel m. Allen Huberts

Dianne Elizabeth m. Tim Mann

Children of John Gray Sterritt & M Jean Brock

Larry m. Janet Matthews
Nancy m. ??? Black
Karen m. ??? Harris
Mary-Jean m. ??? Mills

Children of Robert Starrett & Evelyn Beck

Lowana Joy m. Carmen Douglas Lynn b. Ont

Roberta Joan m. Phillip Nordin

Children of Wallace Starrett & Annie Stratton

Helen Anne m. Gary Jamieson

Ronald Duncan m. Ann Rachelle Doane

Christine Heather

John Wallace m. Cheryl Spooner

Children of William Russell Starret & Dora Ann Needham

William Arthur m. Diana Elizabeth Storey d/o Elmer Storey & Dorothy ???

Robert Douglas m. Micheline Thibutot

Doreen Elizabeth m. Terry Stacey Darling s/o Kenneth Darling & June ???

Andrew Bruce m. Karen Charlene Richmond d/o Gary Richmond & Janet ???

Deborah Ann m. Eric David Fry s/o ??? Fry & Jane ???

Laura Lee m. Kenneth Cory Garth Tyhurst s/o Thomas Garth Tyhurst & Linda Mae Steels

Generation 8

Child of Allen Starrett & Karen Lloyd

David Llewllyn

Child of Andrew Starret & Karen Richmond

Shawn Bruce

Children of David Allen Starrett & Janette Glasbee

Scott Andrew

Children of Donald John Starrett & Lori Hensurd

Jennifer Lindsay

Children of Gary Walter Sterritt & Clara Rae Moir

Kevin William m. Bonnie Jean Fowles
Steven Rae m. Linda Marie Morrill

Children of Kenneth Sterritt & Dorothy Durance

Kathryn Anne m. David Pottruff
Brian Kenneth m. Mary Lou Burchat
Arlene Louise
Clifford Ian m. Sandra McMartin
Barbara Lorraine

Children of Kevin Starrett & Julie Moore

Shaun Daniel
Tracey Christine

Children of Larry Sterritt & Janet Matthews

David m. Brooke Peterson

Children of Richard Starret & Darlene McEnery

Angie Lee
Robert Richard

Children of Robert Starret & Micheline Thibutot


Children of Ronald Starrett & Ann Doane

James Wesley
Rachell Desire

Children of William Starret & Diana Storey

Daniel Wiliam Starret
Adam James Starret

Children of William Gavin & Mary Viola Hodgson

Todd William m. Jo-Ann Molineux
Trevor David m. Jenny Kourany

Generation 9

Child of Brian Sterritt & Mary Lou Burchat

Monica Lynee Marie

Children of Kevin William Sterritt & Bonnie Jean Fowles

Ryan William
Timothy Edward

Children of Steven Rae Sterritt & Linda Marie Morrill

Jeffrey Rae
Michael Morrill
John Adam
Dana Claire
Liam Moir

Child of Trevor David m. Jenny Kourany

Samantha Blue

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