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Book H, p370, Madison Co, AL records
Joshua Phillips - Deed Gift
Know all men by these presents that I Joshua Phillips of the county of Madison and state of Alabama as well for and in consideration of the natural love and affection which I have and bear to my beloved children that is to say my daughter Nancy Loving, who intermarried with Miggins Loving, my Daughter Elizabeth Phillips, my Daughter Frances Phillips, my son Zachariah Phillips and my Daughter Mary Phillips, as for the better maintenance and support of them my said children, have this day given bargained transfered and delivered to them my said children the following Negroes and personal property that is to say, Paul a man about twenty four years of age, Luisa, a woman about twenty six years of age, and her increase, Henry a boy about nine years of age, Nancy a Girl about five years of age and her increase, Lusa a Girl about five years of age & her increase, one sorrel Horse, three Cows, together with all my household and kitchen furniture, and my farming utensils.
To have and to hold possess and enjoy the said Negroes and other property above described with all the increase and proffit thereon accruing unto them the said Nancy Loving who intermarried with Miggins Loving, Elizabeth Phillips, Frances Phillips, Zachariah Phillips and Mary Phillips to their sole use and benefit equally to be divided amongst them share and share alike their heirs executors & administrators forever and the said children on their part agree that they will equally support and maintain the said Joshua Phillips and his wife Margaret Phillips in a decent and comfortable manner and the said Joshua Phillips hereby warrants and defends the title to the said property above described unto the said children above described from and against himself and all and every person or persons whomsoever. And the said children hereby by these presents are put into peasible and quiet possession of the said property and to exercise the whole right and ownership over them. In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 14th January 1823.
Signed sealed and Acknowledged in presence of Joshua Phillips
And the said Johua Phillips hereby in like manner gives transfers and assigns to the said children above described equally to be divided as before mentioned the of his interest in the Estate of his deceased father Zachariah Phillips in the state of Virginia and also the whole of his share in the estate of John Rowsy who was father to his wife in the state of Virginia. In Testimony whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal this day and date above written. Signed sealed and Delivered in presence of Byrd Brandon, Joshua Phillips L.D. Brandon
State of AL, Madison Co
Personally appeared before me Thomas Brandon clerk of the county court for said county Byrd Brandon and Logan D Brandon, two of the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing Deed of Gift, who being first duly sworn depose and say that they heard Joshua Phillips whose name is subscribed to the foregoing Deed of Gift and to the foregoing Transfer, acknowledge the signing, sealing & delivery of the same for the purposes therein named on the day of its date, and that they these deponents subscribed th4eir names as witnesses thereto in presence of the said Joshua Phillips and in presence of the other subscribing witnesses. Given under my hand and seal at office in said county this 18th day of January, 1823.
The foregoing Deed of Gift was delivered into this office to be recorded the 14th day of January 1823 which was duly done the 22nd day of the same Month and year.

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