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Swepster and John A Little were both captured by the Yankee Army and Swepster died of Pneumonia in the Yankee prison and John A Little was traded back to the Confederate Army. John A Little was captured 3 times and most of his war was at Vicksburg, MS where Grant was trying to capture Vicksburg and it went on for a long time. Thomas W Little joined with the other 2 brothers but was only a teenager of about 14 and was sent home to serve in the militia at home. John A Little joined Co A of the 41st TN infantry at the age of 22 on 11/4/1861 at Camp Trousdale. In Aug of 1862 John was sent on detached service to Gen Tilgham headquarters in MS. John was reported deserted 11/1/1863 and later found to be captured at Ft Donelson in Feb 1862 and was on the roll of prisoners at Camp Morton in IN in Jun 1862. He was sent to Vicksburg MS. In a prisoner exchange and paroled. He was listed as captured again at Vickaburg on 7/4/1863 > and paroled again. He signed an oath not to return to duty on 7/5/1863 and returned to Marshall, TN. The Brigade was ordered to Ft Donelson 2/12/1862, and here Baldwins Brigade was temporarily divided, the 14th MS and the 41st Rgmt, with Porters and Graves Batteries being attached to Col John C Browns Brigade of Buckners Div the 26th MS and 26th TN were detached to Brigadier Gen Gideon J Pillows Div The 41st reported 575 engaged, 2 Killed, 6 wounded, 26 missing. It was in reserve during the early stages of the battle and not heavily engaged until the Federal Assault on Buckners position late in the afternoon of the Feb 15th. It was surendered along with the rest of Buckners forces on the 16th. The enlisted men sent to Camp Morton, IN. The line officers to Camp Chase, Columbus, OH, and later to Johnsons Island. The Field Officers to Fort Warren, MA. It was cold in Feb in IN and I guess Swepster got pneumonia and died there. (Bill R Wood)

Office of Sidney D Sutton Notary Public -- Term expires, May 18, 1921 Kirby, Pike County Arkansas
File number is 23776 - June 2 1919
Hon. Commissioner of Pensions,
State of Texas,
Austin Texas,
My Dear Sir:-
I am writting to you in the iinterest of Mrs. Martha C. Little, now aged 80 years, and surviving widow of the late John A. Little, deceased.
She is now and haas been for the last past twelve months a bona- fide resident of Pike County, in the State of Arkansas; she was formerly a pensioner under the pension laws of the State of Texas, her file number was 23776; she now desires that the proofs that she made to enable her to draw a pension under the laws of the State of Texas, presuming them to be still on file in your office, be forwarded to her to enable her to draw a pension under the laws of the State of Arkansas.
In the event they are required to be kept as permanant files in your office she desires that a certified copy of them be forwarded to her at once and she will promptly remit the money to cover any and all fees and charges accruing on the same; she must have this proof for filing before the "Pike County, Arkansas, Pension Board" on or before the first Monday in July, 1919, to enable her to draw pension for the year 1919.
I herein enclose stamp to prpay the postage on your answer, and hope and trust to hear from you at once.
Very respectfully.
Yours truly.
Sidney D. Sutton
Mrs Martha C. Little,
C/o Sidney D. Sutton,
Kirby, P.O. Pike County, Arkansas

JOHN ANTHONY LITTLE - Private, Confederate States of America
John A Little was 23 when the Civil War broke out. He first joined and served in Company “H”, 17th TN Volunteer Infantry Regiment, CSA. He was later transferred to Company “D”, 4th TN Calvary where he served till the end of the war. He was discharged at Washington, GA.
In her application for a widow’s pension, Mrs Martha C Little stated that “I am not certain” [of the company and regiment that he served in], “but I believe it was Co C 17th TN Reg. - Capt McCrory’s Company.” Martha also states that her husband served in the Infantry and “was never commissioned as an officer” and “was not detailed for any special service.”
The Rosters of Marshall Co Soldiers in the 17th TN Volunteer Infantry Regiment includes Company “H”, enlisted at Nashville, 28 May 1861. This company was led by Captain R H McCrory and includes a John Little. The 17th TN saw their first fighting in the skirmish at Rockcastle Hills north of London, KY in Sept-Oct 1861. They were led in this effort by Brig Gen Felix Kirk Zollicoffer, a native of Maury Co, TN, with Lt William B Holden leading Company “H” during this engagement.
John A Little was later transferred to Company “D”, 4th TN Calvary, according to interrogatories filed with Martha Little’s pension application. William A McCurdy and William M Robinson both stated they had served with John A Little after his transfer until their discharge in GA in 1865. Both men stated that they knew John from childhood near Verona, in Marshall Co, TN. It is also reported that John Little “Had the reputation of being and ranked as a good soldier.”
1. TX Confederate Pensions - Approved applications No 23741-23813 Microfilm Roll #964299 at Dallas TX Public Library Genealogy Section Mrs Martha C Little - Application #23776
2. “Sketch of the 17th TN Volunteer Infantry Regiment Through the Skirmish at Rockcastle Hills, or Camp Wildcat, KY” Marshall Co Historical Quarterly - Vol XIX, No II p 35 Hardbound Book at the Dallas TX Public Library Genealogy Section.
3. “Rosters of Marshall Co Soldiers in the 17th TN Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Ibid., p40.
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