The Hardison Lineage

Generations 1 - 4
Alphabetized by Father's First Name

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Legend: [Doc] = documentation, [Will] = Will

Generation 1

Jasper Hardison c1691-5/8/1733 Albemarle Co, NC [Will] m. Mary Taylor c1692-aft1733

Generation 2

Judith c1713-bef 1750 Bertie Co, NC m. bef 1733 Bertie Co, NC to Thomas Sutton b. 3/25/1699 Sutton's Creek, Perquimans Co, NC d. 3/2/1749-50 Bertie Co, NC s/o Joseph Sutton & Parthenia Durant

John b. c1712 d. 11/20/1778 Martin Co, NC [Doc] m. Olive ???

Jasper II, b. aft 1713 Bertie Co, NC d. c1798 [Doc]

Charles b. bef 1717 Martin Co, NC d. c1786 Onslow Co, NC m. Sarah ???

Joshua Hardison b. c1726 Martin Co, NC d. c1801 Edgecomb Co, NC [Doc] m. Nancy ???

Thomas Hardison b. c1728 Martin Co, NC d. c1787 m. Hannah ??? d. c1815 Martin Co, NC

Richard Hardison b. c1729 Martin Co, NC d. c1787 [Doc] m. Rebecca ???

Joseph Hardison b. c1730 Martin Co, NC d. c1788 Martin Co, NC [Doc] m. 11/13/1765 Tyrrell Co, NC to Mary Ann Collins b. c1744 Tyrrell Co, NC d. Martin Co, NC

Mary Hardison b c1715 ME m.1. bef 1733 to Benjamin Carkeet b. ME d. c1751 d/o William Carkeet [Doc] m.2. c1752 John Daly

Frederick b. aft 1713

Generation 3

Children of Charles Hardison & Sarah ???

Gabriel Hardison b. c1765 Onslow Co, NC d. Apr 1829 Logan Co, KY m.1. Sarah ??? d. c1807 m.2. bef 1808 Mary Polly ??? c1780-bef 1860 Logan Co, NC

Charles II b. c1765 Onslow Co, NC d. c1807 Craven Co, NC

John b. c1745 Onslow Co, NC d. aft 1785 Onslow Co, NC m. Ann Hansley c1750-c1788 Onslow Co, NC




Lemuel M b. c1750 Onslow Co, NC

Jesse b. c1765 Onslow Co, NC

Child of Frederick Hardison (s/o Jasper Hardison)
Jasper d. c1760 Craven Co, NC m. Martha Matthew

Children of Jasper Hardison II (s/o Jasper Hardison)

Jasper Hardison III b. c1730 Martin Co, NC d. bef 1795 Hyde Co, NC [Doc] m. 9/3/1763 Tyrell Co, NC to Alice Evans d. aft 1803 Hyde Co, NC daug of Thomas Evans Jr and Mary ???

Joseph b. aft 1730 Martin Co, NC

Frederick b. bef 1730 Martin Co, NC


Lemuel b. aft 1730 Martin Co, NC

Judith b. aft 1730 Martin Co, NC m. Thomas Collins

John b. aft 1730 Tyrrell Co, NC m. Judith Judah Sutton b. 1736 Bertie Co, NC d/o Thomas Sutton & Judith Judah Hardison


Children of John Hardison & Olive ???

William [Doc] m. Mary Mizell
Benjamin m. Elizabeth ???
Mary m. ??? Beasley
Elizabeth m. Ezekial Moore
Sarah m. ??? Mizelle
Ann m. ??? Mizell

Children of Joseph Hardison & Mary Ann Collins

Wiggins b. c1768 Tyrrell Co, NC d. aft 1800 Martin Co, NC m. Mary ???

Millicent b. c1766 Tyrrell Co, NC m. bef 1788 Arthur Rhodes

Judith b. c 1770 Tyrrell Co, NC m. 2/20/1788 Tyrrell Co, NC to Joseph Bozman

Nancy b. c1776 Tyrrell Co, NC

Charles b. c1772 Tyrrell Co, NC

William b. c1774 Tyrrell Co, NC d. c1811 Beaufort Co, NC m. Elizabeth Perkins b. Pitt Co, NC d/o David Perkins

Child of Joshua Hardison & Nancy ???

Joshua II b. Martin Co, NC m. Hannah ??? d. c1815 Martin Co, TN


Children of Richard Hardison & Rebecca

David b. c1817 Martin Co, NC m. Esther Hassell b. Tyrrell Co, NC d. c1823 Martin Co, NC d/o John Hassell & Rachel ???

Frederick b. Martin Co, NC

Richard II b. Martin Co, NC

James b. c1759 Martin Co, NC d. 7/23/1842 Maury Co, TN m.1. 1789 Martin co, NC to Mary Robason b. c1773 NC d. c1804 Martin Co, NC d/o James Robertson & Charlotte Reeves m.2. c1807 Martin Co, NC to Mary Smithwick d. c1855 Maury Co, TN

Generation 4

Children of Benjamin Hardison (s/o John Hardison & Olive ?)

John b. 1760 Martin Co, NC d. 1832 Jefferson Co, FL

Children of Charles Hardison (s/o Charles Hardison & Sarah ???)

Lois b. c1780 Onslow Co, NC m. 12/29/1797 Craven Co, NC to Robert Wetherington

Benijah b. c1789 Onslow Co, NC d. aft 1820 Logan Co, KY m.1. 5/14/1812 Logan Co, KY to Nancy Alexander m.2. 10/11/1818 Logan Co, KY to Elizabeth Davis


Gabriel b. c1789 Onslow Co, NC d. bef 1850 Craven Co, NC m. 3/19/1809 Craven Co, NC to Charlotte Tolson b. bef 1795 Craven Co, NC d. bef 1850 Craven Co, NC d/o John Tolson

Jesse b. bef 1790 Onslow Co, NC d. c1858 New Hanover Co, NC m. Mildred Mason d/o John Mason & Magaret Ennett

Elijah S b. c1794 Onslow Co, NC d. c1867 New Hanover Co, NC [Cem] [Cen] m.1. bef 1826 Milly ??? b. c1788 m.2. 3/25/1863 New Hanover Co, NC to Theresa/Treacy Love Hatchell; Feb 1825-9/15/1908 Onslow Co, NC [Cem]

Asa b. c1800 Craven Co, NC m. Elizabeth b. c1812 NC


Children of Gabriel Hardison & Sarah ???

John b. 9/4/1795 NC d. 2/22/1880 Todd Co, KY m.1. 5/11/1820 Logan Co, KY to Abigail Hunter m.2. c1829 Elizabeth O Browning 9/18/1806-10/30/1877

Richard b. c1798 Sumner Co, TN d. aft 1818 m. 7/30/1818 Logan Co, KY to Elizabeth Harris

Gabriel II b. 1/29/1802 Sumner Co, TN d. aft 1880 Monmouth, Polk Co, OR [Cem] m. 12/9/1824 AR to Barbara Slater b. 2/13/1806 Lafayette Co, PA d. 12/22/1885 Monmouth, Polk Co, OR d/o Martin Slater & Janie McMillian

William Alexander b. 6/3/1805 Sumner Co, TN d. 1/17/1882 Logan Co, KY [Cen] [Cem] m. 12/6/1827 Muhlenberg Co, KY to Rebecca S Rogers b. 8/7/1810 VA d. 11/22/1892 Logan Co, KY

Violette b. c1807 Sumner Co, TN m. 1/20/1823 Logan Co, KY to Frederick Rotramell

Child of Gabriel Hardison & Mary ???

Asa L b. 4/25/1808 Logan Co, KY d. Nov 1887 Logan Co, KY [Cem] m.1. 7/22/1829 Logan Co, KY to Mary Coursey b. 7/28/1800 Logan Co, KY d. bef 1850 Logan Co, KY d/o Robert Coursey & Mary Anderson m.2. c1850 Frances A Adkins b. c1808 KY d. aft 1870 Logan Co, KY m.3. 5/24/1883 Logan Co, KY to Katura Costello

Jesse b. c1817 Sumner Co, TN d. c1846 Logan Co, KY m. 10/3/1837 Logan Co, KY to Elizabeth Rogers b. c1815 VA d. aft 1870 Logan Co, KY

Jane Jinny b. c1820 Logan Co, KY m. Dec 1842 Logan Co, KY to David D Pogue b. c1820 NC s/o George W Pogue

Children of James Hardison & Mary Robason

Thomas B b. 11/17/1789 Martin Co, NC d. 12/5/1866 Marshall Co, TN m. 10/30/1813 Maury Co, TN to Mary Byrd Wilson

Margaret b. 5/17/1791 Martin Co, NC d. 8/6/1840 Dallas Co, MO m. 1816 Maury Co, TN to Nathaniel Wollard b. 8/6/1792 Watkins Glenn, Beauford Co, NC d. 9/1/1863 Dallas Co, MO

William b. 11/17/1793 Martin Co, NC d. 10/26/1830 Maury Co, TN m. 12/27/1812 Williamson Co, TN to Mary Hardison b. 4/10/1792 Martin Co, NC d. 11/11/1881 Martin Co, NC d/o Mark Hardison & Cloe Daniel

Charles b. 8/16/1795 Martin Co, NC d. 10/4/1878 Maury Co, TN m. 2/1/1821 Maury Co, TN to Hannah Daniels b. 5/15/1802 NC d. 10/9/1878 Maury Co, TN

Frances b. 7/15/1798 Martin Co, NC d. bef 1847 m. Samuel Sewell

Joel b. 8/5/1800 Martin Co, NC d. 12/17/1873 Maury Co, TN m. 10/15/1818 Maury Co, TN to Jane Armour Long 2/6/1800-5/11/1884 Maury Co, TN d/o David Long

Delilah b. 7/22/1802 Martin Co, NC d. 1/30/1884 Boyd, Dallas Co, TX m. 8/3/1817 Maury Co, TN to Brackett Davidson b. 11/17/1796 Prince Edward Co, VA d. 9/29/1863 Dallas Co, MO

Humphrey b. 8/18/1804 Martin Co, NC d. 10/15/1874 Maury Co, TN m. 3/19/1826 Maury Co, TN to Harriet Wollard 7/19/1806-11/11/1850 Maury Co, TN [Cem]

Children of James Hardison & Mary Smithwick

Ezra b. c1809 Martin Co, TN d. c1875 m.1. Serena Derryberry m.2. Nancy E Harmon

Penelope b. 4/27/1810 Martin Co, TN d. 9/16/1861 Maury Co, TN m.1. c1828 Maury Co, TN to Ira Hardison b. 5/12/1806 Martin Co, TN d. 9/30/1875 Maury Co, TN s/o Edward Hardison & Mildred Daniel m.2. 10/1/1837 Mary Ann Dickerson

Asa b. c1813 Maury Co, TN d. c1884 m.1. ??? c1832 m.2. 10/1/1837 Marshall Co, TN to Mary Ann Dixon

Ivy Phronie b. aft 1813 Maury Co, TN m. Gabriel B Morton

Richard Bates b. 8/23/1816 Maury Co, TN d. 1861 Maury Co, TN m. 12/13/1853 Nancy Catherine Sowell

James Y b. 7/12/1818 Maury Co, TN d. 12/14/1916 Maury Co, TN [Cem] m. c1839 Dorthea Jane Fenville/Fonville b. 5/15/1823 prob Maury Co, TN d. 1904 prob Maury Co, TN d/o Asa Fonville & Dorothy Stephenson

Emily J b. 2/26/1822 Maury Co, TN d. 8/14/1874 m. 12/15/1840 Gabriel Long Morton

Children of Jasper Hardison & Alice Evans

Isaac b. Tyrrell Co, NC d. c1805 Hyde Co, NC m. c1802 Rachel ???

Samuel b. Tyrrell Co, NC

Hannah b. Tyrrell Co, NC m. John Chambers


Jessie b. Tyrrell Co, NC m. 8/12/1793 Tyrrell Co, NC to Anna Leggett

Charles b. Tyrrell Co, NC d. bef 1795

Elizabeth [Doc] b. Tyrrell Co, NC d. aft 1803 m. Joseph Ellis d. aft 1803

James b. c1765 Hyde Co, NC d. 11/13/1792 Greene Co, NC [Doc] [Mil] m. 8/3/1785 Pitt Co, NC to Lucretia Garris b. 1/17/1762 VA d. 2/27/1854 Duplin Co, NC [Obit]

Frederick b. c1779 Tyrrell Co, NC d. 9/3/1853 Crawford Co, GA [Cen] [Doc] m. c1798 Clinton, Sampson Co, NC to Margaret Peggy Watson b. c1787 Clinton Co, NC

Judah [Doc] b. aft 1766 Hyde Co, NC m. ??? Roundtree

Children of Jasper Hardison & Martha Matthew

Margaret Peggy
Norah m. ??? Miller

Children of John Hardison & Ann Hansley

Hardy b. c1770 Onslow Co, NC

Elizabeth b. c1778 Onslow Co, NC d. c1800 Onslow Co, NC m. c1797 Whitaker Redd Jr b. Onslow Co, NC s/o Whitaker Redd

Nancy b. c1780 Onslow Co, NC

Jesse b. c1765 Onslow Co, NC d. c1827 New Hanover Co, NC m. c1784 Rebecca Chase

Child of John Hardison & Judith Judah Sutton

Jasper c1773-c1861 Beard's Creek, Pamlico Co, NC m. Martha Paul b. c1785

Children of Joshua Hardison & Hannah ???

Luke b. bef 1775 Martin Co, NC d. bef 1850 Stewart Co, TN m. bef 1794 Elizabeth Daniel b. c1774 Martin Co, NC d/o William Daniel

Mark b. c1767 Martin Co, NC d. 8/25/1853 Maury Co, TN [Will] [Cen] [Deed] [Cem] m. c1790 Martin Co, NC to Cloe Daniel b. bef 1770 Martin Co, NC d. 5/22/1845 Marury Co, TN d/o Robert Daniel

Joshua b. c1768 Martin Co, NC d. c1860 Marshall Co, TN m. Mary ??? b. c1792 NC

Edward b. c1771 Martin Co, NC d. bef 1860 Maury Co, TN m. Mildred Daniels b. c1787 Martin Co, NC d. aft 1870 Maury Co, TN

daughter b. c1771 Martin Co, NC m. Joshua Roberson

Child of Lemuel Hardison (s/o Jasper Hardison)

Asa b. c1770 m. 1/4/1792 Tyrrell Co, NC to Nancy Garrett

Child of Lemuel M Hardison (s/o Charles Hardison & Sarah ???)

Charles c1775-c1846 m. 10/14/1801 New Hanover Co, NC to Sophia King

Children of Wiggins Hardison & Mary ???

Hardy b. c1789 Martin Co, NC m. Maria C ??? b. c1831

Wiggins Jr b. c1801 Martin Co, NC d. aft 1850 Martin Co, NC m. Agnes ??? b. c1802

Ebenezer b. c1803 Martin Co, NC m. Cintha ??? b. c1811

Children of William Hardison & Mary Mizell

Hannah m. ??? Gardner
Sarah m. ??? Blount

Children of William Hardison & Elizabeth Perkins

Lavina d. Henry Co, TN m. Edmund Andrews d. Henry Co, TN

William m. ??? Lanier b. Beaufort Co, NC

Robert b. bef 1803 m.1. Charlotte Carraway d/o Jonathon Carraway & Charlotte Gainer m.2. Ann ??? b. c1796

Hansel d. aft 184 Beaufort Co, NC m. bef 1827 Martin Co, NC to Sinersha Carraway d/o Jonathon Carraway & Charlotte Gainer

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