PHINEAS HARDY JR 1753-1810 s/o Phineas Hardy & Prudence Warren
In the revolutionary war, Phineas was in Capt. Edmund Brigham’s Company, Maj Artemus Ward’s Rgmt. He was a minuteman, and marched on the Lexington alarm April 19, 1775. He was also in the same company with men who enlisted on Apr 3rd. In the same year he, with others of his company, were with Col Joe Cushing’s Rgmt that was ordered to be mounted if possible and marched Aug 21, 1777 to reinforce the northern army under Gen Gates. The Rgmt went to Hadley and then was ordered back.. Phineas was Sgt in Capt Seth Newton’s Company, and in Col Abijah Stearn’s rgmt on guard duty. He enlisted in the militia Apr 1, 1778 and was discharged July 2, 1778. He served in or near Boston. Phineas Jr had a fine voice and was fond of music. (An American Family & Its Ancestors Predecessors, by Vivian Higgns Morse)

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