Wars Our Family Served In


(Author Unknown)

The office had just opened when a man quite old in years

Entered with a care worn face, and signs of grief and tears.

And when the clerk approached him, with a trembling voice he said,

"I'm waiting for my boy sir, he's coming home to-day."

"You've made a slight mistake sir," "and surely you must know

That this is an express office and not a town depot"

"And if your son is coming" with a smile the clerk did say

"You'll find him as a passenger at the station o'er the way."

"You do not understand me" and the old man shook his head,

"He'll not come as a passenger, but by express instead"

"He's coming home to Mother," with tear dimmed eyes he said,

"He's coming in a casket sir, he's coming to her dead."

When from the car, a long white box was lowered to the ground.

The scene was most heart rendering to all who gathered round.

"Please do not handle it roughly boys, it contains my darling Jack".

"He went away as you are now, but you see how he comes back"

"He broke his dear old Mother's heart and her warnings did come true."

"She said, "He'd come back to her dead

When he joined, THE BOYS IN BLUE."

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