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Generation 1

Richard Bygge b. 1440 Kent, Eng d. 5/12/1474 Benynden, Kent Co, Eng [Will] m. Agnes ???

Generation 2

Children of Richard Bygge and Agnes ???

Robert Bigge b. 1470 Kent, Eng d. c7/1/1500 Benynden, Kent Co, Eng [Will] m. Johane ???
Thomas Bygge
John Bygge [Will] d. c10/21/1479 m. Alice ???
Katherine Bigge

Generation 3

Children of Robert Bigge

Edward Bigge b. 1500 Kent, Eng m. Alice ???
Johane Bigge m. bef 7/1/1500 ??? Lellysden
Agnes Bigge m. bef 7/1/1500 ??? Watt
Elizabeth Bigge [Will] d. c 7/17/1500 Benynden, Kent Co, Eng
Thomas Bigge

Generation 4

Child of Edward Bigge and Alice ???

Robert Bigge b. c1495 Beneden, Kent Co, Eng d. c1/13/1547-48 Beneden, Kent Co, Eng [Will] m. c1528 Elizabeth ??? b. 1503 Beneden, Kent Co, Eng d. Beneden, Kent Co, Eng

Generation 5

Children of Robert Bigge and Elizabeth ???

Alice Bigge b. 1546 Beneden, Kent Co, Eng d. 5/13/1593 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng m. 3/10/1576-77 Tenterdon, Kent Co, Eng to Thomas Tilden b. bef 1541 Beneden, Kent Co, Eng d. 6/6/1617 Wye, Kent Co, Eng s/o Richard Tilden and Elizabeth Glover

Walter Bigge

Richard Bigge b. aft 1530

Thomas Bigge b. aft 1530

John Bigge b. aft 1530 Benenden, Kent Co, Eng d. bef 8/13/1605 Cranbrook, Kent Co, Eng [Marr] m. 9/14/1583 St. Mildred's Church, Tenterden, Kent Co, Eng to Rachel Martin b. 6/17/1565 d. bef 4/30/1647 Dorchester, MA [Pass] [Doc] d/o James Martin and Joan Adam

Elizabeth Bigge b. aft 1530

Dorothe Bigge b. aft 1530

Elionor Bigge b. aft 1530

Generation 6

Children of John Bigge and Rachel Martin

Elizabeth b. 11/1/1590 Cranbrook, Kent Co, Eng d. 8/21/1638 Roxbury, Suffolk Co, MA m. 9/13/1608 Biddenden, Kent Co, Eng to John Stowe bef 1/14/1581-82 Biddenden, Kent Co, Eng d. 10/26/1643 Roxbury, Suffolk Co, MA s/o John Stowe and Joan Baker

Patience b. c1588 Cranbrook, Kent Co, Eng m. Richard Foster [Pass]

Smallhope b. c1586 Cranbrook, Kent Co, Eng d. c1638 m. Ellen ???

Rachel b. 10/20/1594 Cranbrook, Kent Co, Eng d. bef 1639 m.1. 3/4/1616-17 Moregift Starr m.2. 11/9/1619 Peter Masters

Anna b. 8/16/1584 Cranbrook, Kent Co, Eng

James b. 1/28/1592-93 Cranbrook, Kent Co, Eng d. c1594

Anna b. 1/30/1596-97 Cranbrook, Kent Co, Eng d. c1597

John b. 6/25/1598 d. 12/18/1598 Cranbrook, Kent Co, Eng

Mary b. 5/18/1600 Cranbrook, Kent Co, Eng d. 4/24/1610

John b. 12/19/1602 d. bef 1647

Thankful b. 2/17/1604-05 d. c1605

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